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By Lance Quazar
YAK_Chewie wrote:That really sucks about the lack of posability. I've considered putting some Quinlan Vos forearms on him or something to see if that would work.


I was thinking maybe from the latest "casual" Jango Fett figure. Skin tone is a good match, arms are unfettered with any "outer space" features.

Not sure if the thugs would roll up their sleeves, but hey.... ;)
By Lance Quazar
Picked up the Mutt motorcycle today. Passed on the Cairo Thugs, as I'm hopeful we will see the Raiders Battle Pack, which as two thugs an an extra Marion.

On the fence about the Mutt and I may take it back. The cycle looks cool, but I don't like the character or the film.

Anyone have this item yet and want to share an opinion?
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By YAK_Chewie
Saw the Mutt today and passed. I just can't get myself into this line anymore... I think I might part with all my Indy stuff, save for 3-4 figures that I really like, and also sell off my GI JOE stuff too.

By Lance Quazar
^Sorry that you're not digging the line, Chewie.

But if you decide to sell your Indy stuff, I hope you'll let me know! :D
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By YAK_Chewie
You'll be the first to know if I do buddy. 8)

I do like the line, but I'm just finding myself having less and less interest in it as well as the Joe line, which I loved when it first came out. But with how expensive things seem to be, I just have lost most of the desire to collect outside of Star Wars...

By Lance Quazar
^I've had less and less interest to collect SW. Heh. Indy was a very delightful, very refreshing change of pace that I will be sorry to see go.

But I did buy Darth Talon, who is awesome.
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By YAK_Chewie
Darth Kikinou wrote:Chewie: if you do sell your Joe stuff, please run it by me first. I'd love to get an insta-collection :)

You treacherous dog though. Abandoning Indy in its greatest time of need. Shame on you ;-)

Are you interested in carded or loose? I have some of both.

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By JediLjf
If anyone got an Ugha Warrior from Indie line going cheap, PM me please! ;)

- JediLjf.
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By YAK_Chewie
Darth Kikinou wrote:loose, but i'll only consider it if you have EVERYTHING :)

Oh, I don't have the whole line. I stopped a few waves back... plus I'm probably missing a few of the stands, etc.


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