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By Diddly
Man, I was only planning on picking up Mola Rom but that's a fine wave. Another "must complete" for me.
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By smartypants1635
Hmmm I'm gonna have to rethink If I'll collect any of these. They just look soo good. I know I will at least have an Indy Dio with the rock from the Raiders, and maybe the car chase. Not a big fan Of TOD but the cultists look awesome for sith. They're even the right colors lol.
As for the last crusade that one never really stuck in my mind as much as raiders.

I'll definately pick these up if not just for fodder.
By Last Jedi
Liking all these, look like some good custom fodder in there. 8)
By Lance Quazar
Diddly wrote:Man, I was only planning on picking up Mola Rom but that's a fine wave. Another "must complete" for me.

Yep. Just about the only figure seen so far that I am outright skipping is Ceremonial Belloq.*

Everything else is imperative. Plus army builders.

*I may get this figure eventually out of boredom, but he's a low priority.
By Lance Quazar
High-res images here, along with relic reveals!!

Awesome, awesome wave.

Sadly, these will be the last of the relics, as Hasbro recently confirmed. Damn shame, they were the best pack-ins ever, except for the ridiculously oversized ones.

Willie's gem, for instance. Looks pointless. The others, especially Shorty's Egyptian statue and the fantastic Greek helmet, are superb.
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By Paulskywalker
Wow Indy looks great and the relic's are cool especially the easter island head, can't wait to get all these!
By Robo-Quack
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