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By yodakenobi
Sweet wave 8) However Hasbro could've added more characters like Lao Che, Chattar Lal, Kao Kan, Chen, Wu Han, the Maharajah, Captain Blumburtt, or even characters like a slave child 2pack, Earl Weber, the Sacrifice Victim, or even some British Soliders or Shanghai Henchmen. But overall, I plan to purchase Mola Ram, Short Round, Willie Scott, and the others. Once again, Sweet wave 8)
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By roron corobb
These figures are really great looking. This line is really great other than the paint applications on most figures. Too bad the relics won't be continuing after this wave. I really like them, even though some were way to large.

I wonder how long it will be before these start showing up and how are they will be to find?
roron corobb
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By Darth Kikinou
Well they only have so many slots and I believe they'll be getting to many of the ones you mentioned in the next TOD wave, so let's see to it the line survives!

Is it just me or have TRU and Target stopped ordering Indy figs? The pegs are thinning down, fewer and fewer pegs allocated, and no new stock in sight. Yikes!! Like, zoinks!! Buy buy buy folks!!!
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By TradeFederationSympathy
I have to admit I stopped collecting these after I saw the movie because I was so bummed with Indy after it. I'm still in an Indy slump from that catastrophe.
By terman123
All the stores by me are still jammed with the first two waves.

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