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By Lance Quazar
Crap, I hope not! I don't have that much money in my checking account!

When did you send yours, DK?
By Lance Quazar
I sent mine in early May, so it's been 8 weeks for me. Hopefully it was cashed already and isn't too far away.

I have two more full sheets I really need to get out there, as well.

Thanks for the update, DK
By Robo-Quack
My check has been cashed! And now I wait...
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By Darth Kikinou
Hrm, I still have not received mine. Been waiting to send in two more forms till I get them. Any word from the internets of anyone receiving theirs?

BTW, the TLC wave figures do NOT include a sticker form, even though they have a sticker. Very sneaky, Hasbro. Unfortunately I never expected this cunning move on Hasbro's part so I discarded all the extras I had and now I have 6 more stickers with no sticker sheet to put them on.

Since I actually have 7 stickers, I'd like to offer up a sticker to anyone who'll be so kind as to put a sticker sheet form in an envelope and mail it to me, a sticker for sheet trade, cost is basically one U.S. postage stamp for both parties. Anyone interested, please PM me! :)
By Lance Quazar
I sent my first off in early May, so I expect it any day now.

I have subsequently sent in three more sheets, but I don't expect those for a WHILE.

I do hope to get the first one soon.
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By roron corobb
Glad you guys liked the pictures. I have to send away another one I just find up the other day too.

roron corobb
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By knashdx
Checks for my 3 have been cashed. First one was cashed back in early June so I hope it will come soon. At least with Rex we got notification that there was a delay.

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