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How do you consider the success of the Indiana Jones line?

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By Lance Quazar
YAK_Chewie wrote:I took 18 figures back to Wal-Mart today that I had piling up (all Crystal Skull army builders)... I know that's not helping the situation but I really didn't need them. I overbought big time.. plus I'll probably just use the money towards Star Wars stuff or a new camera for my photonovels...


That's hilarious. I did the opposite, I brought a bunch of legacy figures back to the store!

I just have no interest in the ROTJ wave, except possible as custom fodder, but since I haven't made a custom in god-knows-when, I can't really justify stocking up on figures I'll never use. I do like the Clone Wars wave, but I took back the Obi Wan and a few others. I'm sure I'll get 'em down the line, but I'm just not feeling into Star Wars at the moment. I also took back the V torrent and Ventress comic pack.

Seeing Clone Wars today didn't help with my SW enthusiasm, either. Not that I hated the movie (in fact, I disliked Indy IV far more), but it was just kinda "meh".

Funny thing, despite hearing a lot of complaints about the scarcity of the TLC wave, I am sitting on several sweet figures from my TLC case that no one seems interested in in the classified thread.

(ahem...hint, hint. ;) )

I am definitely VERY dismayed by the doom and gloom we've been getting from Hasbro lately. They've reneged on many promised items and now it's unlikely we'll get anything beyond the second "Raiders" wave in early 09. Which will drive me to homicide.
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By Coookieemonster
The Indy line had potential, unfortunately with the paint jobs, Hasbro not listening as usual (now aint that a surprise), and poor distribution, what could have been a great line has turned into Pap, I will be picking as many as I can up when they go on clearance - but thats so I can use them for fodder.
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