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By roron corobb
It will be on clearance in no time with the new news of the lines death.

roron corobb
By Lance Quazar
I bought this with the $10 target coupon. $40 was too much, $25 was much more reasonable.

As a toy, I think it's a great item. A few fun play action features and it definitely has a cool Indy vibe to it. Lots of fire the imagination of the younger set.

If I was a kid, I think I'd be all over this item. It certainly seems cooler than the few SW offerings in the playset line over the past decade.

But, as an adult collector, I probably won't keep this one around.

Though I'm an old man who still buys toys and who, yes, has a painstakingly set-up series of poses and mini-dios on my desk, this item has little value to me.

Like I said, fun for the kids, but bulky and kinda pointless for adults.

It looks good for a toy, but not nearly good enough to pass muster in any of my diorama attempts or even (dare to dream?) a photonovel.

I'm not going to spend hours sliding figures down the mountain into the quicksand, nor flinging plastic boulders through the air.

For display purposes, it's too big and way too compromised in its appearance. I'm looking for form, not function.

I'd much rather have something like the Lars Homestead (though its outrageous price keeps me from taking the plunge). Something movie accurate and more "grown up" (if such a term can be applied to toys at all.)

I will probably try to find a local charity that won't mind an open (though new) toy or sell it at a loss.

That said, I'm keeping the two figures. The Indy, though he is the "Raiders" version with the wonky holster, has a phenomenal paint job and I could always use another Ugha for army building.
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By YAK_Chewie
Thanks for the review Lance. From what I've seen, I would LOVE this as a kid. But as an adult, it just doesn't cut it for me. The Lars Homestead is more up my alley.

Wondering, what $10 off coupon you're referring to?

By Lance Quazar
I got a Target Toy catalog in the mail with a $10 off coupon.

I MAY keep the item and see if I can repaint/reposition some of the cooler components like the steps up to the temple or the removable door on the statue that sits on top of it all.

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By roron corobb
I finally have seen this item at my local Target. That is good timing with the line ending at teh end of the year :roll:. I might pick this item up as it looks cool and may have a few other uses.
roron corobb
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By TradeFederationSympathy
I saw yesterday that even Toys R Us has this thing marked down to 24.99 and it still isn't moving. lol
By zedhatch
I might have bought if I had ever seen it. Too bad as it looked cool.
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By The Professor
Have you checked Toys R Us. I saw tons of the playsets at two different stores. They were even marked down to $25.
By Lance Quazar
The playsets are abundantly plentiful in my area.
By zedhatch
I don't have a TRU close by (Two hours in either direction) but in the rare instances I have been able to check there has been nothing, just the jungle cutter with 2 rusians and indy.
By Lance Quazar

If you're interested, I'll sell you mine. I opened it and put it together, but realized I didn't have room for it.

I've since taken it apart and re-boxed it. It is still in like-new condition.

Let me know....
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By Paulskywalker
Just got this today in the post, got it in a sale. The Mustafar Playset is so much better in it's second incarnation! it lends itself so much better form Indiana Jones and his Archaeological adventures, i have my Indy climbing it and fending off natives. The new bits are really cool and can easily be used seperately for dios.
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By Paulskywalker
I reckon this is more PN/diorama flexible Chewie, for Indy and SW. I can see parts of the being craggy rock faces on Utapau or Naboo easily.

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