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By Theo Zissou
i find this line intresting

IJC: If there is another IJ movie, will you bring the line back in any capacity?

H: Definitely. We plan to bring the line back if/when there is another IJ movie.

kind of suprising. i wonder if they would do something like ship a indy wave that would place on the sw pegs.
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By roron corobb
YAK_Chewie wrote:Hasbro pisses me off.


You and me both Chewie. I really liked the line. If it wasn't for all the bad paint applications and tons of peg warmers, we might have got some more wave before they canned it. I really think Hasbro had it in for Indy from the beginning. I wonder if they wanted to do it in the first place like they said :roll:.

Only good thing will be all the almost endless supply of fodder from all the clearance :wink:.

roron corobb
By zedhatch
I really feel like they treated this as a short term property from the begining, I don't think they were thinking in the long term at all.

Funny you guys mention hasbro might not have wanted to do this cause I have thought that as well. Like they knew they had to or they would lose SW.
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By Arc_Trooper77
:evil: Who pissed in Hasbro's coffee? This really blows! God! For every foot we take forwards, they send us fifty back! Unbelieveable!!
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By YAK_Chewie
You know, the more I think about it - so much of this line seems to have done really well at retail...

Vehicles - sold well, and continue to

Deluxes - sold well, and continue to

Playset - sold a lot better than I expected

So, that there shows me there is demand for this line. The Last Crusade stuff has sold pretty well too...

All this does is piss me off even more at how Hasbro screwed up the basic figure line.

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By Incom
Hmm, better get me some Indy figs off ebay and such while I still can, right? Good custom fodder, if you ask me.
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By TradeFederationSympathy
It is time to say goodbye to this line. The Christmas season is almost over and the stores (atleast in my area) are clearancing and selling out of the Indy figures. We might never see an Indy figure in a store again. I definitely enjoyed them while they lasted. It was a fun line, regardless of the numerous problems. :(
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By TB9153
with these disappearing fast and only costing $3 at wal mart, ive been buying a few. its too bad, im not into collecting indy but i do like these figures.
By Lance Quazar
I must say, it's damn depressing to go into the toy aisle at my local Targets and see no more Indy figures. No trace at all.

I even miss the Mutts....almost.

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By TradeFederationSympathy
I saw a few Mutts and Salah's at Target today for 50% off. Little under $3.00 per figure. Didn't pick any up tho, already have the one's I want even for that price.
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By Delaton
I was waiting on the Mutts for uber-clearance since there were so many...but where'd they all go? When Walmart and Target reset, I can't find any of the figures they had after Xmas. These stores had too many to have cleared them out on clearance within a few days (between my visits and the reset).
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