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Hey, so a few weeks ago, I came across a thread on The Raven about a possible prototype for an unproduced Indy figure.

It's the "Tough Sergeant" from Raiders, the guy who fights Indy in the truck and throws him out the windshield.


Shortly after seeing these pictures, I found the damn thing on ebay and bought it!!!

Sure enough, the thing LOOKS like it is completely legit. Since we never heard any whispers about this figure from Hasbro, it's impossible to say if it's the real deal or an incredible well-made hoax.

However, and though I'm no expert, the figure in hand really does look like the genuine article, the head is extremely well-sculpted and appears professional in every respect.

I will post pictures soon. And I am going to try to make head casts of this figure available to those who want it!

So stay tuned, Indy fans! This could be the greatest lost artifact in Indy collecting history.

Or just a clever hoax.

Either way, damn cool head!
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By The Professor
It sure does look like that character. I'm interested to see if it's the real McCoy (no Star Trek reference intended). Great find.
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By Lance Quazar
Some pics for you, sorry for the blurriness, I did this in a rush....







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By YAK_Jayson
HA! That's a pretty cool piece you have there. I wish we would have had the opportunity to get him at retail, whether carded or packed with the truck.
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By Diddly
Interesting... I don't recall him being in the lineup for the second Raiders wave so perhaps he was being planned as an exclusive for SDCC or something? Or one of those stupid TRU "spend $30 and get a free figure" deals perhaps.

Either way it looks legit. And cool. Sign me up for a head cast if you do get around to making them.

One last question, I'm guessing the head fits perfectly on the regular German soldier head?
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By Lance Quazar
^Yes, the body he came on is a regular German soldier and it's a perfect fit.

We will definitely be casting this baby, so stay tuned!!!
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By TradeFederationSympathy
Ohh I want a head if you cast it! That would be the coolest thing ever! Great find and thanks for sharing.
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By In Rem
Stuff like this does nothing but make me angry...

Way to blow it, Hasbro.
By baghutch2

You got me to join the forum with this posting. If you're going to make castings available, I'd like to throw my hat in the ring and my money your way if they're reasonable.

Thanks very much for a great post!
By Robo-Quack
I might be interested in a cast as well. What a cool find!

Ha! You're gonna be able to retire selling casts from an unmade Hasbro figure. :lol:
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By Lance Quazar
Robo-Quack wrote:I might be interested in a cast as well. What a cool find!

Ha! You're gonna be able to retire selling casts from an unmade Hasbro figure. :lol:

I have partnered with RS's master sculptor and caster Bantha 5 to produce these head casts.

We're both on the same page in not wanting to make money but rather distribute these figures as widely as possible to the fans.

So stay tuned! :)
By Robo-Quack
Wow that's very cool!
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