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Recent finds/Acquisitions

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Recent finds/Acquisitions

Postby darthapathy » Sat Feb 06, 2016 3:16 pm

I was finally able to fill a hole in my collection. I finally got the Entertainment Earth exclusive Astromech Droid sets. Missed out on getting them directly from Entertainment Earth back in the day. I just couldn't pull the trigger on purchasing them from the secondary market over the last several years. I had given up on them until the Bigg's Red 3 X-Wing came out. I really wanted to get R2-Q2 for it. I started looking again and actually attempting to bid on the sets. After several missed opportunities, my wife surprised me last week by informing me she had successful won a bid on both sets from eBay. She got both sets for $60. They arrived today. R2-Q2 immediately went into Biggs' X-Wing

My wife rocks :D
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Re: Recent finds/Acquisitions

Postby Jodo » Sat Feb 06, 2016 5:14 pm

$60 is one HECK of a deal for both sets. That's awesome your wife was able to get them for you. Congratulations on that excellent score, and also the droids! :lol: :P

I passed up on the Legacy comic Stormtrooper pack, and the Legacy comic pack from EE because I wasn't collecting figures at that time. Outside of several TVC figures, those Legacy figures still standout as some of the biggest gaps in my collection. That was one heck of a comic book series. It blew the PT out of the water as far as I'm concerned.
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