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By MasterGrievous
I just got my email from SWS that mine has just shipped. Finally its coming after the months I've been waiting since I ordered it during Comic-Con.
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By BrentS
I received all four of my Delta Squads (2 for me and 2 for a friend). I'm very impressed with the packaging. Quite pleased indeed!
By tenike1
The paint applications on the figures are really great. The basic figure Scorch doesn't compare to the paint jobs on the Deltas from this set. I believe the Geonosian in the back also has silver wings, which is pretty cool.
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By jedistyle
i got my 2 sets of these troopers today from entertainment earth and they really are some great figures. the paint apps are very good and the weapons and accesories are very cool also.

the gonosian are also pretty well done and they gave sunfac a lavenfer/silver paint job which is very cool because now i can use the sunfac, with reg. paint apps, basic figure as a geonian elite army builder.

all in all a great set. i'm definetley happy i got 2.

this would have been a great retail seller for both kids and collectors alike!
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By YAK_Chewie
I have to say that the paint on the commandos really turned out better than I thought it would. I had planned on repainting them all, but am satisfied with what Hasbro did on them.

My favorite though is the purple Sun Fac/Geonosian!

By Jedi_Fejj_Ograw
I wasn't happy about this set when it was first advertised, but now that it is in hand, I am thrilled...this is top notch packaging and even though the geonosians and scorch are mostly repacks/paints, I love the commandos...

If Hasbro could have done this with the Battlepacks, I would have been happier...
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By Darth Holmes
Is the Scorch in this battle pack any different from the previous version?
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By MasterGrievous
Darth Holmes wrote:Is the Scorch in this battle pack any different from the previous version?

The Visor has a black outline, like the rest of Delta Squad, but thats about it.
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By YAK_Jayson
Delta Squad added to the Toyguide. Enjoy!

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By Darth Holmes
It's a shame that Sev's weapon doesn't have the sniper attachment.
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By rc-1207 Sev
Who thinks that the delta squad set is cool but could have been better?
I've neither read the novels nor played the games, but I know this set was popular except for complaints about limited articulation. It's hard to believe the set is as old as it is.
we totally could use updates of these guys

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