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By The Professor
I'm really excited about this set. I need Motti, and the others look pretty good. I don't might not having knee articulation, but I do wish the officers had slits in the their skirts so that they could at least sit down in some form.
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By jedistyle
after seeing the packing, i'll pick one of these up just for display, it looks really cool!

i'm curious as to why these figures have the clone blaster, instead of a stormtrooper blaster. do you think they will actually come with the clone blasters? i would hope not.....
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By Commander DiFabio
I like how they look in the package. It looks like they are just about to sit down, very nice. I wonder what the republic commando one will look like.
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By Dark Helmet
I am really looking forward o this pack. I recently sold off my POTF2 Tarkin, Commthech Vader and Motti knowing I would be getting it in this pack. I am more interested in the new officers in this set though.
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By YAK_Chewie
Got my set in the mail today. Pretty neat for a bunch of Imperial stiffs standing around a table. Nothing overly exciting, and I can see why this was an internet exclusive... it's really not all that exciting. But I still like the set, though I do think that Motti and Tarkin should have gotten better sculpts/tooling.

By tenike1
The two sets I ordered from Entertainment Earth arrived in good condition. I think this set looks better in person.
I got this set back when it was new

I loved it then, so many new figures, fairly accurater deco, a hint of intrigue

they can't sit, they can barely hold their weapons

the pricetag was too good to pass on

this is a back of the shelf collection
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