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I'm glad it's open to Canada! But... well, what's Canada's population? 37 million? And the US is 325 million?

So... if the US has only backed 2150 or so orders so far... can we really expect a crazy Canada bump?

Of note... I think this is going to get made. Even if they don't hit the 5000 number of backers, it will still hit 5000... I just can't see Disney allowing the embarrassment of not hitting 5000.

I bet it will hit 5000 on the site, whether truly legit or not - and then it will also be available online; maybe not in the same packaging or a bit less deco, or something. But, I feel it will happen...

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By Jodo
Personally, I don't think it will make it to 5000 without international support...But I think CHEWIE is right in saying that it will be produced either way. Considering how embarrassing it would for this not to happen, the amount of R&D, and the fan buzz which hasn't existed for over 6 years, I definitely think it will get made.

I would be willing to bet it makes it to to 3500-4000 domestic units sold. Ideally, Hasbro could then produce the remaining number (if 5000 was agreed upon with the factories), and they could be sold internationally, given the restraints put into place for crowd funding outside of the US. If they wanted to keep costs down, perhaps the Jabba could be dropped from the International release, to help offset the overhead cost, and give an incentive for the pre-orders to be more exclusive.
Well, it's official -- I'm worried.

I'm not sure it's going to cross the threshold now, with these numbers. Canada is great, but will it be enough?

I also don't think there's any reason to think they won't actually scrap the project. "Embarrassment" isn't enough of a motivator. Companies care about money. Hasbro is already familiar with disappointing the small number of die hard fans. They don't care. If they were serious about their minimum threshold, they're not going to fudge the numbers "just cuz."

Whatever happens, the next month will be interesting to watch!
Oh, I don't doubt Hasbro would be okay not doing it, but they have already invested a lot in this, so I believe they want to find a way to make it happen. They also know it's good for the longevity of the hobby for this thing to be made.

But Disney? I think they have too much pride for this to fail. Disney stores will get these in... there's almost 400 Disney stores. If each store just got in 5, on average, that's 2000 more Sail Barges...

I believe there is a good chance that this is what will happen... if they don't open up to international during the campaign...

1 - The numbers begin to rise in the last 10 days of the campaign, through Disney/Hasbro finagling the numbers.

2 - Hasbro and Disney announce the success, and get more press coverage of what a success Star Wars is.

3 - Let's say 4000 actually get backed (though it looks to us like 5000+). Hasbro makes 3000-4000 more.

4 - Those extras get put on HTS for $600 each, in Disney store, and some online e-tailers are able to order a limited quantity at a discounted price and match the new $600 price. Even some TRU stores get some in because the ultimate way to advertise the brand is "in-person" shock value at just how awesome Star Wars can still be (if Hasbro were smart, they'd make 50 of them in special display cases and ship to high-traffic TRU, and do those as giveaways for fans after 60 days of it being in store - talk about kick-ass promoting the brand and spark Star Wars TVC figure sales for TRU).

5 - If demand is still there, then another 1000-2000 more get produced.

Question: if you order this, there's a $500 hold on the card until April 3, correct? So maybe there are a lot of people who can't afford to have this held on their cards for that long and are waiting until closer to the end date?
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By Jodo
It's my understanding they charge you and immediately return the money to your account, to make sure your card is active or something.

Chewie brings up a good point...If Hasbro did something right, they would get as many pre-orders as possible, say 4000 total. Then say the entire run is limited to 5000 units, number them, and anything after the online pre-orders don't get the special book, but will be available for international order online.

Alternatively, I think these could easily be sold at Disney Land and World (international and domestic). I genuinely have no doubt they would sell there because so many people are ate up with the magic of being in the park they'll purchase anything in front of them while visiting.

I worry about everything, but I'm not worried about the barge just yet.
YAK_Chewie wrote:I believe there is a good chance that this is what will happen... if they don't open up to international during the campaign...

1 - The numbers begin to rise in the last 10 days of the campaign, through Disney/Hasbro finagling the numbers.

There are probably also plenty of collectors holding off until the last few days. So I think a sudden rise in the last 10 days is not only a possibility, but almost guaranteed.

I think this thing is going to get funded... doesn't mean I'm not nervously checking the progress bar every day though...
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By JawaKing
This will still take nearly 100 new orders daily to make it, unless there is a sudden last week increase. I agree with you guys that a last minute jump is very likely. I also agree with Jodo that the Disney Parks would make a great place to release some extra Barges, sans booklet. US tax returns should be coming, which might help.
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