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By AaylaSecurasMan
Jodo wrote:Placed a pre-order on the Yakface Amazon page tonight for this...It's probably my main "want" right now, so I couldn't pass up reserving one. :mrgreen:

Didn't know Yakface had an Amazon page, link? Thank you
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By Raylen
got mine yesterday from Amazon. What a cool vehicle. They even put a ton of detail in the interior of the removable panels. Unnecessary but nice considering we're talking about a vehicle with very little aesthetics beyond a brick with treads. Also nice to have removable panels in the bed so you can do some different things back there as well. I bet a mounted E-web back there would be cool.
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By Imaculata
I got mine as well. There is little I can add that hasn't already been said. This is a fantastic vehicle, and I'm amazed that there are double sided decorations. Panels can be lifted from the top to reveal the driver's seat, and even the panels are decorated on the inside!

I made it a rule to only purchase figures and vehicles from the 5 POA line. But this awesome vehicle isn't coming out for the regular line and is at the 3.75 scale. Besides, with the awesome detailing, how could anyone pass this up?
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By reverendstrone
Very happy with mine. Love the paint job and all of the details. Yes,it was expensive, but that's the reality of the hobby, now, and I have modified my collecting habits to adapt. This one was worth the money in my opinion. :)

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