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My Yakface, Nikto and Leia arrived from Dorkside Toys yesterday. Wow, can I say the fawning over Yakface is absolutely deserved. Amazing figure. Nikto is also excellently well done. I didn’t order an opener for the leia, as I already have several TBS Boussh’s. I really can’t tell much difference between this one and the TBS version. Really nice to knock out three more modern carded versions of the vintage line. Just 41 left to go!
Ordered from Hasbro Pulse, and received Yakface & Klaatu. I'm floored with how well Yakface turned out - he is easily the best figure to come out of the TVC revival in my opinion. If this figure was in wave 1, collectors would have been knocking down the doors at retail to pick him up.

Its great to have a TVC figure of the sites mascot - I love it so much that I used an exacto blade and saved the cardback as well!
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By Jodo
The only downside to the Klaatu figure is the lack of removable helmet, and the non-standard joint for his head.

Also, I am super happy today. I ordered a TVC Bigg’s X-Wing, which has been on my list of things to get if I could find it for the right price. The nearest Toysrus had them once when I was there, and the next time I visited they had sold every single one.
@Jodo , nice score !! was at walmart over by me yesterday and i haven't seen any yet. however my wally is pretty slow to stock things lol

really hoping to nab a Yakface , all the images i see of him look fantastic. was going to nab him off of pulse but was sold out. i'll keep checking back though as old HTS did restock every so often.
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