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We had to do a Walmart run last night , and was able to snag a Doctor Aphra from TVC for 9.89! Never came across her when she first hit the stores. They had one of her , a few Mimban Stormtroopers (now that I have one they are everywhere lol) , and a Snoak.

Oh nice , going to have to see if he is still on there. I forget sometimes to check amazon for figures. Yeah , it's rare that I find something other than Rey, Snoke , or Jyn. Just usually end up buying the figures on line at that point. But sometimes I do get a nice surprise at a store.
Looks like Walmart is getting in a lot more TIE fighters...

vikingrobot sent me a pic the other day from his local Walmart, and I'm seeing the same thing now... except at my store they actually set them up on a display now rather than just putting surplus on risers...


Guessing in a few months we'll start seeing these marked down significantly... $79 is just too much... $49 seems much more realistic for consumers...

Agreed 79 is a bit steep for one of these , I think you are on the mark of 45-49 for this. They have been sitting at our Walmart forever now, always try to scan it to see if it went down in price, but no such luck lol.
Yep... really pricey... I did pay $79 for one...

Last Fall, I walked into a Walmart that actually had Hasbro reps ACTIVELY stocking the Star Wars section... they were stocking TIE Fighters and TVC Waves 2/3... I was floored... and was so happy, I spent over $150 at once after buying some new TVC figures too...

...and then, after the 2-3 cases each store got in of Waves 2/3, they all got in like 6 cases of Wave 1, and killed the flow of figures again.

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