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Jcc2224Cody wrote:
YAK_Chewie wrote:Yeah, if Jabba had to be exclusive... I wish it had been Target that carried him. He would have been stocked better, and also Target would have then clearanced whatever was left. Instead, I really only saw a total of maybe 5 of the Jabba's... and at least 100 TIE Bombers that Wal-Mart had. Crappy.


100 TIE Bombers? Jeez, how much room did that take up?


ONe walmart they had a 6'x6' pallet of the stupid things.
Yeah, those TIE Bombers clogged up some shelves for a while didn't they? I never really wanted one, and after seeing FAR too many of them I'm not sure I ever want another TIE Bomber again as long as I live. :lol:
I've never been a big ship and vehicle collector anyways. I have some, but not a whole lot. My main focus is on action figures.
I don't own it, of course...but I think the lack of a new Salacious Crumb is a strike against it. I can understand the cost-effectiveness of simply repacking the 2007 TAC Salacious Crumb to save money, but if the set could give us a new Jabba and a new Oola then why not a new and slightly different Crumb?
i know i grabbed two because i had some fears that jabba may tear, kinda like those lotr toll faces
I'm getting ready to order my Jabba online. I'm gonna try to get it for under forty bucks but I don't know what's going to happen. EBay has him, but almost always wants WAY more than original retail for the set.
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