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YAK_Chewie wrote:
DarthEddie wrote:Is anyone in here still running into the new Jabba anywhere? I've exhausted all my options looking for him around here, unless he happens to pop up in the local flea market's toy shop. Which...hey, you never know. But I'm not going to count on it.

Just online, as far as I'm aware. One of the sites that had him for cheap last month might run another sale at some point...


Yeah, I think it's been away from retail for about a year. I hope you can find it.
Yeah Walmart really dropped the ball on this exclusive (S.O.P. for them) From what I understand, is that you can only pick it up from Entertainment Earth. They seemed to have picked up wlamarts exclusive Jabba, and Tie Bomber and is now exclusive for them.
Even if it's not on sale anymore I guess I'll bite and buy it online.

If I wait on a local Walmart to put one stray on a markdown shelf I'll be holding out until I'm 99 years old. :)
Yeah, I might just do that. Forty would normally be a pricepoint I'd balk at for a large figure and playset, but since it's so hard to come by(and it would probably cost considerably more on eBay) I'll probably just bite my tongue and order it online. It's a shame some collectors have to resort to these sort of things...Walmart should have treated this exclusive a whole lot better than they did.
Or those Episode I Holographic Light-Up figures from 2000? Those things pegwarmed so badly they were eventually clearanced out for $1.00-2.00 apiece. I'm not asking for the Jabba set to be so ubiquitous that you wanna throw up every time you see it, but that thing seemed like it was rarer than some old-school baseball cards. It's probably the worst-handled STAR WARS exclusive I've seen in many years.
I still have yet to see a TVC Fordo on the pegs...anywhere. I have the Gamorrean, but I saw only a couple of him in stores. Blink, and you missed him. If I hadn't had a little spare cash in my wallet the day I saw him at K-Mart I would never have gotten him. Now, to be fair I've seen some Wave 7 Rebel Fleet Troopers. I have one and had the opportunity to get one or two others but passed. But the Fordo and Gamorrean were either nonexistent or super hard-to-find.
YAK_Chewie wrote:Yeah, if Jabba had to be exclusive... I wish it had been Target that carried him. He would have been stocked better, and also Target would have then clearanced whatever was left. Instead, I really only saw a total of maybe 5 of the Jabba's... and at least 100 TIE Bombers that Wal-Mart had. Crappy.


100 TIE Bombers? Jeez, how much room did that take up?
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