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Now that Christmas 2010 has passed, was the AT-AT a hit or miss in your area?

Sold great - it's hard to find now
Sold good - but can still find relatively easily
Sold decent - doesn't seem like it was a bit hit
Sold poorly - this will be the doom of the "Big Ones"
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Yeah, I noted that when posting the pics.

Someone definitely returned it and I'm sure this Target just wanted to get it off the shelves fast because it takes up so much space and was no longer in their planogram... before I saw the wrapping paper on it that was my assumption anyway because I had been to that store several times since Christmas and they didn't have any AT-ATs on the shelves. Then one day this thing turned up there and was marked down.

Sorry I haven't been here in a while. I found out a few more very interesting things about this fantastic AT-AT that nobody else on the net mentioned. The pictures are not the greatest quality, because I ran out of batteries for my camera, so I had to use my mobile phone. Here are pictures to Illustrate what I mean:

You can actually fly Luke's Snowspeeder between the AT-AT's legs just like in TESB, but they need to be just a few millemetres apart.

It's possbile to get 22 Imperials in the main hold believe it or not.

Here is the AT-AT's head with the vintage guns from 1981. Unfortunately one side will stay on, but you may habe to put blu tack on the other gun to help it stay on.

I have two Imperial Speederbikes in the back garage of my AT-AT at the moment side by side, with five Imperial troops standing single file down the centre.

Here's one of the Speederbikes through the side window.

The 2006 General Veers will fit in the back of the head with a Snowtrooper standing beside him, but unfortunately he will not quite fit standing directly behind the two AT-AT drivers.
mrhoppers819 wrote:Wow those are some great pictures! thats some pretty cool things that this can do. I'm still deciding whether or not to pick one of these up on the secondary market...

Thanks a lot. Like I said I just wanted to share some of the features on this incredible vehicle that some people might not be aware of. I think you should definitly pick it up, because you seriously won't regret it at all. :wink:
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