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By stroebel83
definately going to be more picky this year. With no BAD parts there is reason to feel bad about missing out
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By Darth_Cuddles
Unfortunately I have a very limited budget this year so the only one of these I'll be getting is Dengar, I'm a big bounty hunter collector and I've been waiting for an updated version of him! I also quite like the AT-AT commander, but I won't need him as I won't be getting the new AT-AT, partially because of room issues but also because it's going to be at least £120 here ($182)!!!
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By darthmadonna
YAK_Chewie wrote:I'd like to get them all as well too... even extras to keep carded. But, so much at once! I hate how Hasbro no longer spaces out product.


I agree too. I am excited for these and would like them carded. I have not collected carded in a very long time.

Also about Hasbro not spacing things out anymore. Hasbro is finally admitting that collectors are feeling the pressures of the economy and that they have to compete for those collector dollars. They do not seem to understand though when you dump all your wares at once it forces us to pick and chose. Not being able to pick up everything like some of us would, if we could say buy 4-6 figures every 1-2 months.

This last year was tough dumping what 5-6 waves over a 3 month period? Not to mention if you didn't buy it when you saw it, you may have been well outta luck. Oh yeah and right towards the Christmas season to when money is getting stretched every which way.
By Grimace
BINGO, darthmadonna

but I don't know how I would feel if I knew that Hasbro had the product ready to ship and decided to hold onto it until they thought I was ready to buy it

it's a tough call to make on their part I bet
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By Paulskywalker
Grimace wrote:BINGO, darthmadonna

but I don't know how I would feel if I knew that Hasbro had the product ready to ship and decided to hold onto it until they thought I was ready to buy it

it's a tough call to make on their part I bet

Yeah but you wouldn't know and so your feelings would be irrelevant
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By AgentGHQ
Im not even a casual collector of SW, but having seen these vintage style cards, im totally suckered in. Looking forward to collect all the old school stuff.

The new SW stuff, pure GARBAGE!
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By YAK_Jayson
From JTA:

VC07) C-3POâ„¢
VC11) 4-LOMâ„¢
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By YAK_Chewie
Hmmm - well, seems decent enough. I think there's some pegwarmers coming in this wave though... I think we have to face it, this wave is about as boring as it gets in terms of the actual figures selected.

Sure, the vintage cardbacks will be fun to look at and that's the main selling point for some people, but wow - when I think of 11 characters from the OT, not that many of these make me want to get on my knees and thank Hasbro.

I'm one of those people that does like to upgrade my figures, so I do plan on getting most if not all of these - but really, I can see why some people might be bored with these... at least it's 11 different figures in the wave. But which one is going to be packed twice in the wave? Any news on that?

Anyways, I'll rank these in terms of how I'd pick and choose if I had to be selective in getting them:

1 - C-3PO (assuming he looks good as in some pics and not the bulky appearance in other pics)
2 - LEIA (we desperately needed this upgrade)
3 - CLOUD CAR PILOT (always enjoy upgraded army builders)
4 - DENGAR (glad to see an upgrade, much better than the older versions)
5 - AT-AT COMMANDER (figure looks really good, will get a few)
6 - HAN SOLO (still a bit skeptical of the body and face sculpt, but I like the coat a lot)
7 - LUKE SKYWALKER (seems better than the past version, though that was a good figure)
8 - DACK RALTER (kind of tired of pilots, but at least he's a Snowspeeder one)
9 - DARTH VADER (near a yawn)
10 - BOBA FETT (yawn)
11 - 4-LOM (yawn)

How would you guys rank these? Is my list close to how you would rank them, or am I crazy? :)

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By YAK_Jayson
My guess is that it'll be Vader that is shipped 2x.
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