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I reckon one of these days they'll update that Executor Meeting pack (I can't find it in the toyguide, remember it was an online exclusive or something?)

What a stark difference between the new ones and those old ones!
YAK_Chewie wrote:Jayson, I was kind of wondering what the BAD Zuckuss head would look like on the retro one... any chance you could make a switch for a pic or two?


Sure thing.
YAK_Chewie wrote:Any update on that yet Jayson? If not, no rush. I was just curious. I'm not sure how bad I want this set with all the other stuff coming out.


Trust me, you want it, baaaaad! :-)
so far I have opened only one set but left them on the card

I mixed them in with my other TLC UGH figures I put in my cardboard store display case I got from Wal*Mart
now my TAC UGH figures will be put away into storage

I think a second set will be opened and freed from the bubble

that naugahyde skirt on the incorrectly named Zuckuss is calling to be opened!

I bought the droid from Tunghori a while back, and I gotta say that I prefer it to all of the recent versions
sometimes less is more
Grimace wrote:I have an idea of what I want to do with the extra box

I want to put 2 other UGH figures in there, and use the cardbacks I got at C5 on the oustides

Anakin and Obi wan in one set, Grievous and Cody in the other

Good idea.

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