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Grimace wrote:I have an idea of what I want to do with the extra box

I want to put 2 other UGH figures in there, and use the cardbacks I got at C5 on the oustides

Anakin and Obi wan in one set, Grievous and Cody in the other

Great idea! yes, those boxes are just too nice to toss them. I am glad that I got this set, I don't think that they will be releasing Zuckuss (the alien :D ) separately in the vintage line as he was already released in the LC and SL now. Or do you think that he will eventually be released now that they have the cardback from this set ready to go?
Got my set in the mail yesterday. This is a really cool 2-pk, almost a shame though due to at the same time 4-LOM is in stores on a vintage card... odd.

Anyways though, I really am impressed with how these turned out. After opening them, I was damn glad I'm not a carded collector. The packaing is great, but figures this cool need to be opened - especially the Zuckuss! It's amazing what that vintage color scheme does for that sculpt, along with the new skirt... this instantly becomes one of my favorite figures this year. And feels like a huge upgrade from the Legacy version.


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