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By YAK_Chewie
Check out what just showed up on eBay courtesy of STAR WARS ARMY STORE -

Image ... 5639a46272

Also, a familiar Ewok as well -

Image ... 5ad71b83d2

Hopefully these show up as some sort of 2-pk...? Kind of doubt that though. Either way, Teek looks fantastic! Would be great if we got another figure or two from that TV series.

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By Incom
Very cool, it's been ages since I've last seen the Ewok movies. SW Army Store does it again, though!
By stroebel83
this is great!!!!! so why isn't this seen as EU though? Could Hasbro just be stinging us a long and have a whole slew of figures in the works :wink:
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By darthmadonna
OMG! I love him! Serious I actually really dig the second Ewok Movie. I am just in shock this is actually real. Now I would like a king Teroc and Charal oh and a Cindel. :oops: LOL
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By darthmadonna
Did they raise the price on Teek. I was going to buy one but I was looking for some other figures I could use when I went back to Teek he was 12.99. I could've swore he was 7.99?
By stroebel83
they just sold out :( I took to long to decide
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By The Professor
It's about time! They could even rerelease the DVDs with the figures (although I already own the movies).
By zedhatch
HA this is awesome, a must have for my collection. The comedy elements are unlimited LOL.
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By darthmadonna
Well I am glad to see I am not such a dork after all. What I mean by that is Teek seems to be pretty popular. I was always a lil bit ashamed to say how much I love Ewoks and their friends even Dulocks. :)
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By Niktom
That's freakin awesome... however, I'm still holding out for some Holiday Special figures.
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