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By Darth_Cuddles
I was thinking of buying the Owen/Maul pack but decided against it as I only really wanted Owen and paying £30 for one figure was just not in my budget!
Anyway, I found a seller on Ebay, in the UK with 2 Owens at £11.95 each so I snapped one up! Very much looking forward to recieving him! :wink:
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By YAK_Chewie
Owen is really a great figure, I'm guessing you'll like him. The only drawback I think is the lack of ankle articulation. It's not hard to overlook that though considering the rest of the figure is so well done.

As for Maul, a great figure in his own right but I still prefer the Owen. I popped apart a Maul already and have a custom in mind.

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By Paulskywalker
I had a lovely surprise today, went into TK Maxx and they had the Camie and Fixer pack for £12.99, fingers crossed Maul/Owen pack appears.

Not the best pic as i've ruined my mobile camera.

By Grimace
that Camie/Fixer set was the C5 exclusive

awesome figures in an overpriced set

I bet many customizers would have loved to acquire a few spares
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By Paulskywalker
Well there was only one on the shelf and i checked RS's UK thread afterwards and reports are slim at the moment, so if you do happen to see one i'd grab it!
I make stuff too!

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