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JediTray wrote:
Paulskywalker wrote:Sadly the E-webs hose and power box haven't come with it since POTF2 days.

Actually, the TRU "Imperial Forces" set from the blue Saga collection has the hose and box.

Oh yeah my bad completely forgot about that one! :oops:
Went by Target today on lunch to get me some Dayquil, and swung by the toy section.

They had a cart full of Star Wars merchandise and were just setting up the endcap, which is three sided blue cardboard.

They had everything except the Geonosis Arena 2-pks. Also they had just one case of the Hoth sets, with one of each set in it. I bought them both.

Of note, when I went to the register, there was a manager by the cashier who said, "There's a limit of two on the Star Wars box sets."

I asked her for more information on it, and she looked at me, and stated, "I don't know, that's what it said." I guess she was referring to the computer, it must have stated "LIMIT 2" or something to that effect.

Anyone else run into this? I guess Target senses these are going to be in high demand? I hope quantities aren't too limited, these sets are the best value we've seen from Hasbro in quite some time.

how about ZERO per customer?

that's how much I was allowed to purchase today

I checked the DPCI with the price scanners, and saw that everything was in stock in the back room

after deciding to get only the CW 2 packs, I tracked down a clerk who went and got them for me
I thanked him and headed to the checkout when he called me back and took them out of my hands

the street date is being strictly adhered to in central Iowa

I walked out with nothing today
Dang, sorry to hear that Grimace. I wonder if they are going to be in next week's ad, and they want to make sure they have them represented on the shelf. But for them to take them out of your hands after already getting them out for you? Talk about outstanding customer service. :roll:

I can see collectors elbowing each other for these if Target doesn't get enough in to meet demand...

I plan to wait on the Hoth sets.The only thing I was looking for were the Vintage Snow Speeder and the TIE Fighter which I was able to get with the DCPI thing.Our Target will not have the endcap up until sometime next week.They tend to drag thier feet when it comes to transitions..I wanted to let you guys know a little secret.The "only at Target"label comes off very easly.I had not problems removing it.Just a little FYI.
Opened my sets last night, here's my thoughts on these sets.


AT-ST - It's pretty much the same as the Legacy version, just different coloring. It suffers from the same stability issues as before, as it's very prone to falling over. It's still a great display piece, however I'm not that overwhelmed by it. I suppose that's because I have 8 of the Legacy one...

Tri-Pod Cannon - Egh, would have been nice if they had given this a new sculpt... or even a Probe Droid instead would have been nice. I don't know, this just isn't too exciting.

AT-ST Driver - Fantastic. This might be the best figure so far this year altogether. The sculpt is just sick, and the tone of the plastic is dull; not shiny. Love everything here, though I do wish the goggles fit the helmet, it's pretty much the same situation as the AT-AT Commander helmet. No problem though. Love the ball joint waist too! I wish this was a basic carded figure, I would certainly get quite a few of these if they did.

Snowtroopers - Pretty much perfect figures, wev'e seen this sculpt many times now and it never gets old, and it's nice to get two more of them.


Turret - Nice to get another of these, love the large scale still; it's so much better than that old POTF2 version.

Dish Cannon - A really, really nice piece. This thing is the selling point for me on this set. I love the bigger scale, it's so cool and really makes the Rebel seem a bit tougher, I dunno. I hope this thing sees circulation again after this run!

Hoth Rebels - Both are great, we know the sculpt and it's nice to get that scarf helmet finally. Having some variety in our army ranks is a must.

K-3PO - Well... kind of stumped on why they included this instead of some other Rebel. I guess they see that the've over saturated the market with pilots perhaps and wanted a change of pace. I don't mind it, and am glad they used the B.A.D. sculpt.

I will probably get another Rebel set, but not another Imperial one. Though I do want to get another AT-ST driver... :shock:

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