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By YAK_Jayson
Our Yakface spies have come out in full force this holiday weekend with several juicy scoops for the Vintage line. Here is one breaking down the Return of the Jedi theme wave (wave 3).

The Vintage Collection Wave 3
1x Gamorrean Guard (21482)
1x Ackbar (21483)
1x Jedi Luke (21484)
1x Skiff Guard - Woof (21485)
1x R2 with Pop-up Lightsaber & Drink Tray (21486)
1x Rebel Commando (21487)
1x Yoda with Hover Chair (21481)
1x Wicket & Kneesaa (21488)
1x Rebel Pilot (Wedge) (21489)
1x Clone Trooper (20833)
1x Sandtrooper (20832)
1x Darth Vader (97580)
Please GOD let the Gamorrean Guard, Ackbar and Wicket be true! Gamorrean Guard, Ackbar, Skiff Guard - Woof, R2 with Pop-up Lightsaber & Drink Tray, Rebel Commando, Wicket & Kneesaa, if this is the case it's gonna be up there with the last ROTJ wave!

I understand Jedi Luke will be having tweaks to correct problems with the last release, personally i thought it was great.

This is a puzzle why just shove this in from no where? Yoda with Hover Chair.
I certainly hope this is true: 1x Wicket & Kneesaa (21488) - I would love to see Kneesaa, and it would be a fantasic surprise, just like Teek was. I think there are conflicting reports as to whether Hasbro will be making anymore cartoon characters in realistic form - hopefully Lucasfilm laid off and isnt holding them back. It would be really nice to see characters from the Ewoks and Droids cartoons get some love, and Hasbro even mentioned a number of them they would like to make.
Very impressive wave, let's hope execution is good, both in final product and distribution at retail. I don't own most of them so looks like a winner for me (or looser for my wallet :? )
This is an awesome wave as long as they are new and not repacks. As for the Wicket and Kneesa that seems odd. But I guess they will just say Kneesa was there in ROTJ just off screen. I guess it would make sense. OR maybe she was onscreen but never identified before.
I've always thought the Ewok jumping at the window to see inside as 3P0 starts telling the Ewoks the story of the rebellion was Kneesa. But I have no real reason to think that I'm right.
If Hasbro puts out most of these with new sculpts, I think we're going to be in for a treat with this wave.

Gamorrean Guard - Should be good, and I'm glad that it sounds like we are finally getting a new one. It's weird that they'd wait so long to make a new one... the POTF2 version was outstanding for its day, but it's so outdated that a new one has been overdue for quite some time. If it's well made, count me in for at least half a dozen.

Ackbar - Another figure I've been waiting for at least five years for them to redo. I hope they do him justice, I've always liked this character. Can kind of double as an army builder too - if they do a nice job I'll grab several.

Jedi Luke - For once I hope they can finally get this figure right. We've seen quite a few versions the past several years and they still haven't done it right. So, I'm skeptical until I see pics.

Skiff Guard (Woof) - I'm interested, but they need to do some good work on this one. Isn't this the guy that had some drawing pics of a while back?

R2 with Pop-up Lightsaber & Drink Tray - I'll probably get one. The SAGA one with the drink tray was pretty damn good though... I'm guessing this is a VOTC version with the tray. But, who knows.

Rebel Commando - Endor version, correct? Can't wait to see some pics, and I'm guessing he'll be one I'd like to army build.

Yoda with Hover Chair - Well, if they actually made a NEW chair and a NEW Yoda here, I'd be up for it. But I'm guessing this is nothing more than an expensive repack, which I don't need.

Wicket & Kneesaa - They've done great with Ewoks the past couple years, and finally it sounds like we're getting a good Wicket... about freaking time.

Rebel Pilot (Wedge) - Meh, I'm rather sick of orange suit pilots. Hasbro has done them to death. I might bite but certainly am not losing sleep if I can't find one.

Clone Trooper - Doubtful that I'll need or be interested in it. Sorry Hasbro. The ROTS version is great.

Sandtrooper - I'll probably have already grabbed a few of these in the earlier waves.

Darth Vader - Pass.

Overall, this sounds like a very expensive wave; mostly for the potential army building aspect. I can't wait to see pics!

By zedhatch
Gamorian-Maybe, not a huge fan of the piggies, but if its really cool I will grab it.

Akbar-If true the must have of the wave.

Luke-Hope spring eternal, will wait for pics.

Skiff Guard-pass easy, I have never been a fan of the skiff guards.

R2-Maybe, I will have to see of course but generally I am a huge R2 fan as he is my first SW fig.

Endor commando-Will probably pass, Got my fill with 30th

Yoda with hoverchair-HUH, will probably pass though,

Wicket and Kneesaa-Interesting, will probably get.

Wedge-Might grab since I keep missing wedge.

Clone, Sand, Vader-pass
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By darthmac
Gamorrean Guard - maybe two loose for me, and one carded

Ackbar - One Loose, One Carded

Jedi Luke - Wait and see how he looks for a loose, one carded

Skiff Guard - Woof - Maybe one loose again wait and see, one carded

R2 with Pop-up Lightsaber & Drink Tray - not sure wait and see, maybe one carded

Rebel Commando - 2 loose, one carded

Yoda with Hover Chair - PT Pass

Wicket & Kneesaa - This is the frustrating one of the bunch. I'd like a modern Wickett on a vintage card, but I don't want some EU ewok cramping his style :)

Rebel Pilot (Wedge) - Pass, I have enough Rebel Pilots and he was not part of the vintage line.

Clone Trooper - PT Pass

Sandtrooper - If don't already have him carded from Wave 3, don't need any loose.

Darth Vader - Pass, If I don't get him with wave 1, I won't need at all.
By YakPurge
Ackbar-kinda meh about mostly cause boring looking character, and without updated Calamari troops to back him up i won't worry about him if I don't get him.

Luke- I'm really done with, only thing that could make me but is if they BJ'd the hips or really spot on'd the head sculpt.

Skiff guard-know I'll get at least 2


Ewok=see above

Yoda-Already got

Clones/Stormies-probably buy if there is nothing else on pegs

Piggy & Rebel- definite army build.
darthmac wrote:Wicket & Kneesaa - This is the frustrating one of the bunch. I'd like a modern Wickett on a vintage card, but I don't want some EU ewok cramping his style :)

The collector market has been changing over the years and I think the perceived value of an item is often far more important than the packaging, so a single packed Ewok, who is tiny to begin with would look like a joke. Chirpa was even laughable - imagine Wicket - how are they going to sell less than 2 inches of plastic for $8 (other than to a steadily declining group of purist collectors)? There are many collectors that were once MOC collectors that now open everything, just like the majority of collectors and kids. Whether they pack Wicket with Kneesaa or another Ewok, a 2-pack is always better in my point of view...but in case anyone couldnt tell, I'm definately on team Kneesaa! :P
Been traveling still am and caught a quick yak update. I love what I see looks like I may have to find a job a year early pretty excited looking forward to god pics.
Gamorrean Guard - At least 4
1x Ackbar - Yep Maybe 3
1x Jedi Luke Meh......
1x Skiff Guard - Woof 2-3
1x R2 with Pop-up Lightsaber & Drink Tray ............. Do we really need another R2 Variant. :roll:
1x Rebel Commando - If he's decent 4-5
1x Yoda with Hover Chair Meh...............When did Yoda have a Hover chair in ROTJ. :roll:
1x Wicket & Kneesaa . not a big ewok fan.
1x Rebel Pilot (Wedge) = ALl Piloted out from last year BUT IF he's good enough.
1x Clone Trooper Meh............
1x Sandtrooper meh.............
1x Darth Vader - Can we get one with Battle damage IE: what he looked like after he body slammed Palpy.
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By YAK_Jayson
StooperZero wrote:1x Yoda with Hover Chair Meh...............When did Yoda have a Hover chair in ROTJ. :roll:

Like the Clone Trooper and Sandtrooper, he's not meant to fill a ROTJ figure slot . He was classified as a "Greatest Hits" case filler by Hasbro.
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