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Our Yakface spies have come out in full force this holiday weekend with several juicy scoops for the Vintage line. Here is one breaking down the Attack of the Clones themed wave (wave 4).

The Vintage Collection Wave 4
1x Zam Wessel (24989)
1x Obi-Wan (24990)
1x Peasant Anakin (24991)
1x Peasant Padme (24992)
1x Jango Fett (24993)
1x Kit Fisto (24988)
1x Mace Windu (24994)
1x Blue Senate Guard (24995)
1x Super Battle Droid (24996)
1x Grievous with Cape (20824)
1x Sandtrooper (20832)
1x Darth Vader (97580)
Well it's obvious three of these are new, Zam, Anakin and Padme which i can't wait for; especially the Anakin he is much needed.

Wonder if any others are new like the Senate Guard??
This is very promising. But I fear it also has potential for a lot of repack goodness. As for Mace I really hope they make it so he can actually use all that articulation they put in to him but could never use since he had the hard long plastic skirt. He still does not fit comfortably in pretty much any vehicle.
Also what is up with that darth vader and sandtrooper? Aren't they repacked in the last 3 waves too? Why does hasbro flood the market with Sandtroopers yet we can hardly get a standard stormtrooper?
I think Hasbro's thinking is it can be turned into a stomrtrooper. But i do agree OTT on it and the Vader.
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By YAK_Chewie
Sounds like an interesting wave!

Zam Wessel - She has been needing a new sculpt for quite some time. I am eagerly looking forward to this and expect it to be all new. I'll probably get a couple... and hopefully she has an alternate head?

Obi-Wan - My guess is there isn't much new here, unless they give him a new head or something. I probably don't need it.

Peasant Anakin - Sweet! I've been hoping for a while that this figure would be redone. It's a cool outfit in my opinion.

Peasant Padme - Another figure that is desperately needed in the Padme collection... looking forward to it!

Jango Fett - Meh, I like what I have with the Evolutions one... unless this is something all new? Doubt it though.

Kit Fisto - If they can make him look good, I'm all for it. But honestly I don't feel they have ever truly nailed this character.

Mace Windu - Pretty content with what we've already got...

Blue Senate Guard - Didn't see this one coming... and surely this is a new sculpt? And if so, I wonder if that means a red version is coming soon as well? Sounds good if that's the case, I'd take 4-6 of each.

Super Battle Droid - Not sure I get the point... the old version is a pegwarmer in the Legends line... surely they're not repacking it? And if not, why upgrade an already great figure for this?

Grievous with Cape - Pass

Sandtrooper - Good figure, will get a few from one of the waves that it's in.

Darth Vader - Pass

By zedhatch
Zam Wessel-AWESOME! one of those figs I have wanted a decent version of for a long while

Obi-wan-I really don't see what else can be done here, pass.

Pesent anakin-Eh will probably pass, not too interested in anakin right now.

Pesant Padme'-I think this will be an easy pass. I can't think of a padme' I really want at this point.

Jango-Got some pretty good ones the past few years, why screw it up. Easy pass.

Kit Fisto-depends but if he looks better I will snag him.

Mace Windu-Can't see much making me buy another, pass.

Blue Senate gaurd, very cool.

Super Battle Droid-will see but am not atisipating much here.
By YakPurge
Besides Zam and the Peasants this wave is pretty boring to me, blue guard I'm betting won't change much except maybe give him removable helmet and maybe different cloth material and BJ arms. Really whatelse can they do with him, we never actually see what under the robe anyway.
By Kalas
The Vintage Collection Wave 4
1x Zam Wessel (24989) Wooo hooooo yes im getting her
1x Obi-Wan (24990) i have no idea what hes like so either or
1x Peasant Anakin (24991) dont know
1x Peasant Padme (24992) dont know
1x Jango Fett (24993) im done with jango
1x Kit Fisto (24988) maybe
1x Mace Windu (24994) maybe
1x Blue Senate Guard (24995) ya i will probaly get this guy
1x Super Battle Droid (24996) pass
1x Grievous with Cape (20824) pass
1x Sandtrooper (20832) pass
1x Darth Vader (97580) definte pass they need to stop putting out vaders in every other set
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By YAK_Jayson
Kalas wrote:The Vintage Collection Wave 4
1x Obi-Wan (24990) i have no idea what hes like so either or

It'll probably be a recard of the newest AOTC Obi-Wan from the Legacy line
I think this is the first Padme figure that I dont really care about having - the outfit was rather boring, but the whole wave reads as boring. :| Perhaps once they release pictures, some of the figures will be impressive. Zam Wessel is the figure I'm looking forward to seeing, I really hope she comes with 2 heads, because she isnt important enough as a character to get a retooled head in the future...
Not a bad looking set of figures!

* Padme: perfect. Great mix of fabric for the soft goods to go along with the mould. Very good likeness too.

* Anakin: at first glance I thought he was a CW animated figure, just the head sculpt I mean. The likeness is that of a 15 yr old or something. But the more I look at it it seems good, and the fabric for the poncho is great.

* Zam: as good as one could expect for this ho-hum character, certainly the last mould ever.

* Kit Fisto: again, my first thought was to ask if this was a CW char. The head features are cartoon-ish but again, the more I look at it the more I like it.

* Senate guard: too many soft goods for my taste, but nice figure. I'll stick to my POTF ones.

* Mace Windu: nice, though the TAC one was excellent.

* Jango: inferior to the TAC version with poncho, but perhaps more details to come will change my mind.
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