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I've seen both (along with the red bandana Kithaba) but yeah, the unpainted scar Evazan more often than not is the one you spot in stores just like the brown Kithaba is the vastly more common of the two variants of that character from the same wave and assortments.
YAK_Chewie wrote:Look at what I found at Five Below tonight...

They had received from what I could tell, at least 4 cases of the Malgus wave. I picked up the following:

Vader x 1
Malgus x 1
Hoth Luke x 1
Imperial Navy Commander x 2

I left several Vaders and one Imperial Navy Commander, a few CW Anakins and a ton of TPM carry forwards.


Went by that same Five Below after work today, and they must have put out another 4-5 cases over the weekend.

Someone gobbled up the Malgus figures, but I found two Navy Commanders and bought them both for customs, and two Hoth Lukes for customs. They had at least 3-4 more Lukes and close to 10 of the Clone Wars Anakin (hate that figure).

So they are restocking - at least in my area.

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No interesting Vintage finds in my area as of late, but I do talk to a guy on another collecting site who managed to score a red Kithaba variant, so that guy's still floating around out there if some of you are still interested in scoring him.
If the Biggs X-Wing is anything approaching $99 they can keep it.

That or I'll wait until some pretty steep markdowns and the thing's a whole lot cheaper.
Yeah, once I heard it would be only $59.99 I decided I'd get it. It's probably, oh, ten or fifteen dollars more than I'd really prefer, but it's more than good enough. Count me in for one of 'em.
Yeah, it was cheaper a few short years ago. But you know, Nostalgia Tax and exclusive and retro packaging and all that.
Stopped by the Target in Eagan MN today to see if they had the 3 3/4 Black Series in stock yet (Nope). Imagine my surprise when I saw the deleted scene VC Lando hanging on the peg! This was the 2nd time at two different Targets in the last week or so where I have seen Lando - not to mention the 3-4 times I have seen the Imperial Navy Commander recently. Target must be clearing out a warehouse or something.

For those in the Twin Cities area, the Eagan Target had all 4 of the 6-in Black Series figures in stock, as of 12:30pm today. I already have them, so I left them for the next collector :D
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