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So I ran across this image today of VC figures that Kim Simmons is photographing. If you look close it looks like there might be some great new rereleases/updates coming down the line in the VC??? Maybe??? Jawa, Lumat, ANH Leia, & Bespin Luke.
darth_sidious: I totally agree about the ANH Leia. Maybe medical frigate body with a new head??? Also, I think you're right about the Naboo guard, I totally missed that one. I blew the pic up some, it's not clear but it's the best I can do with my phone.
Got the Rogue One Stormtrooper/Lando wave in the mail from EE today.

It's really astounding just how nice those two figures are in particular. And it's a total shame that the idiocy of launching TVC with sequel trilogy repacks has crippled this line at retail and figures like these new ones will likely never even be seen in a store by a kid.

At least (apparently) Target will be clearing out the current DPCI for TVC and starting fresh with TVC in September.

I hope they carry the Stormtrooper forward again several times over.... it deserves to be. However, I'm a bit concerned that the torsos are going to yellow over time. Other than that, I believe it's my Stormtrooper of choice moving forward.

And a comparison pic between the TVC Han Solo Stormtrooper (Target exclusive) and the TVC Rogue One Stormtrooper...


That pic is all I had time for before I had to rush out the door for work.

Both figures are really fun, but the Rogue One version takes the cake in my opinion. It just captures the essence of the Empire more to me than the other one. This one just looks more evil, more like what I feel the Empire represents when watching the original films. The armor is crisper, the sculpt is tighter. It of course has a some variations in the armor compared to the OT, and I am not a fan of the thicker ankle design in the armor, but overall - wow. I love it.

I really hope that the Rogue One version ages well, without having the dreaded "yellowing armor" effect.

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By Ares X
Agreed! The Rogue One Stormtrooper ROCKS! I loved the sculpt of the original Rogue One Stormtrooper with limited articulation and this one now fulfills where the other was lacking. I just hope to find these in great numbers. I don't have any yet.
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