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EndorJunkie wrote:Has anyone preordered figures from dorksidetoys before? If so, does it normally take a ridiculous amount of time with them?

Do you mean waves or individual figures? I've preordered waves and have had no problems. I have pre-ordered a figure (Tusken Raider) and it ended up getting pushed back until finally they cancelled the order. Normally, they are pretty good though.
Thanks for the info on dorkside! I was asking because I got a shipping notice for Rey Island Journey from them yesterday and then remembered I had also preordered a Tank Driver...on July 31st and it is apparently still in "toy limbo"!
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By Jodo
Jodo wrote:I’d like to get two of them, but I can’t justify spending that much on them right now. I think $14 or so is pushing my limit, especially on something I’d be willing to squad build with.

I ended up ordering these after getting paid, and thankfully had my order adjusted today as well. I got $14 back, so I don’t feel bad about ordering these anymore!
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By Jodo
I got my dent and dinged Yakface and Skiff Guard from Dorksidetoys today. Perfect price for a little wear and tear! Yak is up there with the Gam. Guard as far as I’m concerned. My only complaint about the Skiff Guard is the T thong looking crotch. Talk about terrible asthetics...
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By Jodo
I have an idea for my second one as well; however, I don't think I'm going to try to make the Nikto version of the skiff guard any more. I may just use my second one for the Barge when it arrives. For a while, I thought Vedain would be an easy figure to make, but hopefully Hasbro kitbashes one in that potential upcoming multi-pack...
A bit late to the party here guys, recent join to the site. Can anyone advise on what the Fan Channel is all about, and more importantly how I go about joining/ordering exclusives like the recently posted 2019 TVC Gammy? Thanks.
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By Jodo
To my knowledge, it just means specific websites will carry it, so it won’t see a wide online release or brick and mortar release. It’s not a subscription or service, just a clunky way of saying “several sites will have this.”
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