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thanks for sharing, to bad they couldn't get bastila's face to look more like it does in the artwork
Tonight at walmart I found ridiculous amounts of wave 5! Such a stellar wave... NOT! Seriously WTF? Is this Hasbros way of getting those "harder to find" figures back out there? I am seriously disgusted with Star Wars anymore.
By Grimace
today's mail included the few figures I ordered from the Tung

Bastilla Shan, the Geonosian drone from the TRU Commandos set and a couple of older figures for filler

BS is nice but that wide leg stance isn't very complimentary
YAK_Chewie wrote:
User897 wrote:
combatJedi wrote:rebel you can take his hat off :(

You CAN or you CAN'T?

I believe he means you can NOT remove the hat from the new Hoth Rebel.


yeah...that's what I meant you can't remove his hat..thx chewie
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