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It's a good figure. I'm not going to lie....he's not anything truly revolutionary or groundbreaking that will make you jump for joy that you ordered him, but he's a solid and fun repaint that more or less replicates the original prototype costume from the end of the '70s.

It'll never go down in the annals of the Vintage Collection as one of its best figures, but it's worth getting if you're a Boba fan and a completionist with the Vintage line.
I know this much. Were he sold online for the same price that Jocasta Nu was/is I'd take a pass. Jocasta's a new character I didn't already have and comes in deluxe packaging with a couple of very cool accessories. Proto Fett not so much, but like I said he's a good investment if you "gotta have 'em all" in Vintage and can spare a few bucks.
Seem's TRU UK didn't get rid of them all with their mail away offer, as now he is free when you spend over £20 in store/omline. I already have him so if i do get a free one i might try a CW Death Watch custom, but with the poor range at TRU lately doubt i'll be getting another.
That's kind of a cool store offer. It's been a good long while since American TRUs have offered Star Wars freebies with a purchase above a certain amount unless it's a USB flash drive shaped like Darth Maul, a bag of Fighter Pods or something along those lines.
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