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I have just one Proto Fett and no more redemption forms, but I can always get another one through a buddy of mine if I want it bad enough. Congrats to everyone who got their forms in on time!
I dropped two more of there forms off at the post office today, and they charged me $2 to mail the letter!!!! They said the letter was rigid because of the pieces of cardboard and therefore is charged as a parcel! Well I had to get post marked by today so I paid - f'ing post office.
I wonder what the next UPC figure offer will be. I've been proposing an exclusive Emperor Palpatine on a Vintage card for some time now and it might be the only way we get an OT Emperor in Vintage packaging before the line comes to an end.
Just you guys prefer the Proto Fett or the Rocket-Firing Boba when it comes to Vintage exclusives? I have both and enjoy both fairly equally for differing reasons. Each one has his charms and advantages but in the end one is just as neat as the other.
The Proto Fett is, of course, light years ahead of Rocket-Firing Boba in screen or photographic accuracy. After 17 years of being spoiled by modern sculpting technology and accuracy it's kind of hard sometimes to look at the old-style figures from the '70s and '80s and not chuckle a little at their primitive quaintness, but Boba was always one of my favorite Vintage STAR WARS action figures as a kid and the Rocket-Firing Fett brings back a ton of great memories of my youth.
I loved the vintage Boba Fett because it was the first figure I ever got for free other than it being a gift

I saved all the POPs and my mom wrote a check for the shipping but I filled out the info and wrote up the envelope
when the little white box came with my name on it, I was thrilled

my actions earned me that figure and it still gives me a sense of pride when I look at it
Similar story here. I got my childhood Boba Fett with a Proof-of-Purchase offer, not at a store. Back then it was so, so much fun to wait for a STAR WARS action figure to show up after you and/or your parents dropped the order envelope in the mailbox. Not that the new figures aren't fun to wait on either, but SW toys from the early '80s had that magic, indescribable charm to them and an aura that most modern stuff(as excellent as much of it is) just doesn't have and has never had. Toys of that decade and era exist in their own realm of wonder and specialness.
I got a delay notice from Hasbro today

Dear Star Wars Boba Fett Prototype Armor Figure Requestor:

We have received your redemption request for the Boba Fett Prototype Armor collectable figure - thank you! This promotion was extremely popular - so much so that Hasbro has to make for figures to fulfill all of the orders. As such, there will be a delay in receiving your figure(s). Your order is scheduled to ship on July 20, 20102.

If you'd like to cancel your order, you may do so and receive a prompt refund by calling Hasbro's toll-free customer service number (800) 327-8264 no later than June 30, 2012. Customer service hours are M-TH 8:30am - 5:00pm, Fr 8:30am - 12:30pm. If we do not hear from you by June 30, 2012, your item will be shipped. Please DO NOT call the toll-free number unless you want to cancel your order. We than you for your patience and want to emphasize that all orders will be fulfilled unless cancelled. We apologize for the delay.

no biggie
I saw that, man. Well, on the bright side at least they're still going to ship them even if it takes a couple more months. I already have the Proto Fetts I want and I'm not looking to get another one, but best of luck to everyone else on getting yours now that this delay is in effect. He's an awesome figure and well worth a short wait.
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