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my local TRU has the front area set up for SW, and it's a sad sight really
each figure has its own peg to hang on
even Yarna has a peg all to herself
so needless to say the selection of SW in the action figure aisle is even more pathetic than usual

anyways, I did not see any space left open for this set in the front of the store, or any shelftags for it in back
kinda more on grimaces note...
i met a district tru guy yesterday and at least in the nc area he said they are totally disappointed in the lack of product.
he explained that they don't have enough new items to even fill the slots for the "big reset" which he said should have been today the 31st
he then told me that they have a huge order being rushed to that store by next week.
another stocker then confirmed his statement saying trucks will arrive tomorrow. the other stocker then held up the shelf plan and said "all this new stuff"
i asked to see the plan but was told by the district guy to wait until they could stock it :?
that made me feeel like they blew me a bunch of smoke... but maybe it was all true so in that sense maybe next week we should all be seeing some new stuff????
we'll see :roll:
I saw this again today, first time I've seen them in stock since around Thanksgiving it seems.

If they end up clearancing these for $50, maybe I'll get one... on another note, this set seemed to REALLY outsell the Republic Attack Shuttle by comparison, even though this was an exclusive - so if this thing is taken into account, for the "big ticket item" for 2011, maybe sales weren't quite as terrible for the bigger items this year?

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