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Hasbro would sooner construct a Moon rocket made entirely of Movie Zeroes figures than it will rerelease a lot of the figures that should be rereleased.
This was the last wave I found in my area Walmart early last spring. I never spotted them at Target or TRU. You can can still go to the Walmarts and still find the A wing pilots mixed in with the Qui Jonns, Ben Quadarius, etc.
That never happened here. The Deleted Scenes cases came and went and left no pegwarmers whatsoever except for the TPM carry forwards. You just don't see Mon Cal Pilots lingering in this area but that would be a great thing to see.
Now Keyan Farlander makes sense to see loitering. Next to Endor Han he was the big pegwarmer in his wave and used to be fairly common until last summer and fall. A good figure, but way too commonplace for a Vintage Collection Rebel.
YAK_Chewie wrote:I get the feeling he meant the B-Wing Pilot that rotted on pegs in many parts of the country because at the same time you could find him in a clearance evolutions pack at TRU for just $10...


No it is the A wing fish guy. I have three Walmart that are easily on my way to work. One has all wave 10 still, one has one lone Qui Jonn, and the other has the wave 10 carryforwards and about 5 or 6 Mon Cal Pilots.
I know I haven't. I've seen just, oh, three or four total in the past year and that's being generous with my guess. I've seen more of them at my friend's shop than I ever have at general retail.
I wish my stores would stock more of Wave 11. I have my fill of everything but the Mon Cal Pilot, but man do I want more Mon Cal Pilots.
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