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By DarthEddie
That might be evidence that the Yavin set will be the one lingering. I'd love to get both at the same time, but if the current popularity of the new Ewok Set is any indication it might take more than one store trip to snag both sets.
Their faces look great. I can't wait for my store to finally get them on the shelves. It's getting a little annoying waiting on these guys to reset the Star Wars section. :)
I wouldn't have minded Porkins to be a little bit heftier, but I know some people complained about how fat the 2000 POTJ figure was and they had compatibility with a vehicle cockpit in mind when they redesigned him. The facial resemblance to 1977-era William Hootkins is certainly close enough to get some well deserved points.
Davish kind of looks like Palpatine/Ian McDiarmid. They could use that head on an update of the Episode I Senator Palpatine if they ever decide to make one! :D
I just opened this set up - Kneesaa is the best figure by far in my opinion - I'm so happy fans have her now. The other figures are good, the only disappointment is Teebo's head - they used the Logray head instead of the newly sculpted Teebo head seen on the back of the package.

With all the spare hoods, I decided to swap Kaink's softgoods hood with the spare that came with Kneesaa - I think it looks much better:

Wow! I didn't expect that! Glad everyone likes my pics. Tomorrow I'll be doing some group photos, with these sets mixed in with the other pilots and ewoks I own. As for the camera, it's a Canon EOS REBEL T3.
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