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Brian's Toys has modified the pre-order terms for Jocasta. You will now be charged at time of shipment instead of at the time of pre-order.
Not liking the price at all, but I love the figure, as well as the Dooku bust. I'm glad someone picked this up, otherwise I doubt Hasbro would have released this at retail (though, it would have been cool for to be included in an Order 66 two-pack as a Target exclusive, had Hasbro and Target decided to bring those back).

Anyways, I will order two of them here pretty soon.

i ordered two of them about 2 days ago, nice to see they won't charge till they ship. you never know what may change.....a great looking figure thats for sure, the price point and exclusivity are a disapointment but a great figure none the less....
I don't think it matters whether ou pay and pre-order or later it's still too expensive, sure it's a nice figure and bust but thats it nothing else. My concern is if it's a success it clears the way for more overly priced exclusives and dodgy sites.
It's all about perspective. I would have paid the same for ICMG/Willrow Hood : ) Here you are getting unique packaging, several accessories and soft goods on a SA figure. It appeases the collectors that *really* wanted her from the Fans' Choice polls and by being an e-tailer exclusive, keeps it off the pegs at retail and from potentially being the next Yarna or other comparable pegwarmer. Props to Brian's Toys for taking the risk on offering this. *Brian's Toys is NOT a sponsor of*
I totally get all that, it's just fair value you wouldn't buy a bottle of milk nearly 3 times the price just because it's sold at a certain place and in fancy packaging... Having said that snobby people who shop at Waitrose here do.. :roll:
But if this is successful Hasbro may decide that they can get away with exclusive at a higher price but normal retail toys too, 'Well if they'll buy one exclusive figure for $24.99 they'll buy basic figures for $12-15 at retail'
zedhatch wrote:if it was around $15 I think I would be ok, $25 is just too much, I like the fig but can't justify that price.

Again, they are already selling basic non-exclusive figures from $12.99-$19.99 (Malgus, Viszla, Starkiller) (not only Brian's Toys but pretty much all etailers), considering that this figure will have a lower production run the higher pricing is expected.
i do see everyones point about hasbro patting them selves on the back if this is a sucess and trying to do it more often. i'll echo chewie and say that 1 or 2 of these types of exclusives a year is acceptable to me. it is a high price for the figure, but standard retail prices are completley unreasonable already, you can't even get 2 figures for $20 anymore. i honestly can't remember the last time i bout a figure at retail. between the unsreasonable retail prices and the unbelievably awful distribution of starwars figures these days i just stopped buying retail all together, so ill be honest i havent spent much on starwars latley and i jumped at the chance to get an awsome looking figure like jucosta nu and the dooku bust made it all the more cool. no matter what figures are offered or what form they are offered in it will never be what collectors want all around, so id say take what we can get from hasbro......
But 'taking what we can get from Hasbro' is a dangerous game jedistyle, it could lead to even higher prices if Hasbro thinks they can get away with it and in the end all that found Jocasta acceptable would be the first to complain when everything is more expensive with nothing extra added.

I feat that people are buying this or trying to justify it to themselves is that their concerned that if this fails Hasbro will use it as an excuse in the future for reducing product, exclusives and as an excuse.
Interesting points on both sides - if its a success, Hasbro will say they knew it would be, and will probably give us more like it. If its a failure, we'll get blamed, even with the high price. Thats the problem with this type of exclusive - if it plays, they'll think they can charge (gouge) us $25+ a pop on exclusive 'fan favorites' - and lets not kid ourselves, with shipping these are about $35, which makes it even more ridiculous. Now if its an overall failure, they'll tell us its time to cut back on background characters - so there are positives and negatives on both sides...
but maybe we could get some neat characters like cane adiss jaxxon with neat scene features, i would support this if they respond to demand and added cool scene features, motu does this nicely
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