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By darthmac
As I was trying to come up with figures I wanted for the new legacy line, just about every figure I came up with I really want on a vintage card. So with Vintage supposedly coming back again at some undisclosed time, what figures to folk want on vintage card back goodness?

The Emperor - ROTJ. This should have already been a no brainier, ship in a wave with a properly carded ERG.

ERG - ROTJ. Repack and fix the card to the original vintage art.

Endor Luke - ROTJ. Easy peasy here, Endor capture with TSC Endor Luke accessories.

Yakface - ROTJ. Seriously how did they miss this one? The vintage one was never released in the us (ironically much like the final waves of TVC) and would be great addition.

Jawa - SW. Again classic vintage figure with a great history. Make a variant with a vinal cape!

Han in Carbonite - ROTJ.

Chewbacca - ROTJ variant card

Han Solo (basic) - ROTJ variant card

Death Star Gunner - SW. Surely there is an easy kit bash to make the tsc version sa.

Stormtrooper Luke - SW. Too easy.

Obi-wan (Ben) Kenobi - ROTJ variant card. Repack legacy Ben, too easy.

AT-ST Driver - ROTJ.

Imperial Dignitary - ROTJ.

Blue Snaggletooth - SW. The only vintage figure without a card!
By Rune Haako
Destroyer Droid (SA & folds up)
Admiral Trench (Realistic)
Riff Tamson (Realistic)
Battle Droid - Pilot
Battle Droid - Security
Battle Droid - Commander (TPM & AOTC variant)
General Grievous (Better plastic, New sculpt with interchangeable arms)
Neimoidian Warrior (SA)
By stroebel83
I'll never understand why they didn't do carry forwards with alternate cards
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By darthmac
stroebel83 wrote:I'll never understand why they didn't do carry forwards with alternate cards

Yes, that would at least keep some of us from complaining about repacks.

Dooku also deserves a vintage card.
By PadawanPapa
Here is mine and my little boy's wishlist:

Chewbacca - ROTJ or ANH packaging
Han Solo in cabonite - ROTJ
Jawa - ANH
Leia - ANH
Ewok VIllage Leia - ROTJ
Speeder Bike Luke and Leia - ROTJ
Snowtrooper - ESB
Ben Kenobi - ANH
Emperor Palpatine - ROTJ
Tusken Raider - ANH
C3PO with net - ESB
C3PO with Chair - ROTJ
Scout Trooper - ROTJ
Dash Rendar - EU
Mara Jade Skywalker - EU
Jaina Solo - EU
Jace Solo - EU
Winter (Leia's hand maiden) - EU Thrawn's Trilogy
Count Dooku - AOTC
Poggle the Lesser - AOTC
Bail Organa - AOTC/ROTS
Mon Mothma - ROTJ
Joruus C'baoth - EU Thrawn's Trilogy
Admiral Thrawn - EU Thrawn's Trilogy
Yoda - ESB
Salacious Crumb - Repack from SDCC2011 death star with same number but not on Mini Card so we can complete the set
Mouse Droid - Same as above
Boss Nass - TPM

If I think of more I will add them on later....LOL
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By darthmac
PadawanPapa wrote:Leia - ANH
Snowtrooper - ESB
Ben Kenobi - ANH
Tusken Raider - ANH
Scout Trooper - ROTJ
Yoda - ESB

All of these are already available from older vintage lines (VOTC, VTSC, VTSC) and can be found on eBay or in the forums for reasonable prices as last I checked.
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By Raylen
These are figures I think really need updated the most. While I love vintage cards, I'm an opener so I want these out as soon as possible.

Owen - seriously Hasbro, we really need an update here!
Cantina Band - these guys were so iconic! Why haven't we gotten new sculpts of them. And a vintage card would be awesome.
Leia - ANH
Leia - Ewok village
Captain Piett
Devonarian from cantina
Mara Jade (supposed to be coming at some point)
Dash Rendar
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By JediMerc
Han (w/Carbonite Block)
Leia (Boushh disguise - greater articulation; previous one was nice sculpt, but a bit 'stiff')
Bo'Marr monk
Bib Fortuna (SA)
Sgt. Doallyn
Luke Skywalker (Endor gear)
Emperor (with throne and 2 ERG's in battlepack?)

Luke Skywalker (Dagobah training)
Boba Fett (ball-joint hips; more accurate paint; updated arm sculpt w/out the add-on wiring/tubing OR make it one piece!)
Lando Calrissian (Bespin)
Toryn Farr (w/comm stand/chair)
Gen. Riekkan (SA)
Adm. Piett
Probot (likely in battle pack of some type)

Uncle Owen (new, older headsculpt added to SDCC comic pk. exclusive body)
Aunt Beru
Tusken Raider (SA!!!)
Bith band member (I don't care which one; single-card)
Jan Dodonna (SA)
Capt. Antilles
Cmdr. Bast
Leia (white gown)
Tonnika sisters
Snaggletooth (on TVC cardback)

Asajj Ventress (TCW realistic; single-carded; articulated legs and updated headsculpt)
Dash Rendar
Leebo (more likely to end up as B-A-D)
Cade Skywalker (single card; new headsculpt)
Jariah Syn
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By Raylen
Whose Fozec?

Another figure that has never been single carded would be Oola. Some of my favorite figures I like seeing get the vintage card treatment are the figures that should have been made in the Kenner days. I'd rank Oola right up there with Owen, Beru, Tarkin, Evazan, and slave Leia. Oh, and Wuher! We need a much improved Wuher too.

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