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By darthmac
Although I love the figure, it does have a fatal flaw out of the package... Emperor's Royal Guard. The base figure is great, but the cloak is just wrong. I'm still working on making an alternate cloak.
By dj121
I would agree on the realistic style Clone Wars Anakin. Just seems like a wasted spot in the Vintage line. So were all the repacks and slight updates of figures.
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By The Professor
I'm going to go with a controversial choice: Darth Malgus. I've never played the related video games, so the character is completely foreign to me. That said, he basically looks like a steroid-injected version of Vader with his helmet, minus the breathing mask, ripped off. The figure is good and has some nice accessories, but some of the sculpting, especially on the legs, is really weird. I do have it in my collection,

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