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By ImperialOfficer
This looks amazing, and I really want it, but it will take a lot of convincing to get my parents to buy it and let me pay them back.
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By Jodo
I was with my girlfriend when Chewie and Vlad mentioned this, and all I could say was "holy s***" repeatedly. We watched the release video and I just kept reading the description of it. I bought in just a few minutes ago and I think I was #500. I'm so excited for this!!!
I am reminded by the quote in Space Balls by Bill Pulman "1 million space bucks!? By tomorrow!!!??". I do want this to happen but man I will have to beg for some overtime at work or use my tax refund.
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By darthvlad
YAK_Chewie wrote:
darthvlad wrote:The Sail Barge isn't a vehicle. It's a display unit.

It's a playset disquised as a vehicle. :P


That works too. I might have to build a diorama display/table for this.
Interesting way of offering a fan favorite vehicle that might not do well at retail. Didn't the original petition only get 3000 interested collectors though? How are they going to reach 5000 paying collectors? If this doesn't make it out, I hope they do a creature pack and include that Ithorian skeleton, which is my favorite part of the reveal.
Lance Quazar wrote:I can't afford this and I have absolutely no room for it.

So, of course, I'm buying it.

Same here.

If this is the way Hasbro plans on doing things in the future for certain items, do you think that a Wish list thread should be started? Maybe Hasbro can see what fans are wanting and how much we're willing to pay. Maybe several price points could be established. I know many fans are wanting a Death Star playset and are willing pay $100+ but what about things in the $50-$100 range?
I'm so impressed and pleased that Hasbro has found a way to do this. It looks amazing and I desperately want to throw my support behind it.

Now I just have the double problem of scraping together the funds before April 3rd, and then figuring out how the heck I actually get it home to New Zealand. The US-only shipping makes it incredibly difficult for a sizeable chunk of collectors who live offshore to support the initiative.
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