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By YAK_Chewie
Here is an official thread for Wave 1 discussion:


- TLJ Snoke (new) x 2
- TFA Kylo Ren (repack) x 1
- TFA First Order Stormtrooper (repack) x 2
- TFA Rey (repack) x 1
- ESB Hoth Rebel Trooper (repack) x 1
- RO Jyn Erso (repack) x 1

Expect to see these showing up at retail in late April.

By Codaks
I wouldn't be surprised if I went out and got everything. I have a few of them in the Black Series, but in loose condition, but FINALLY I get the option, to buy an SA figure again, in a store in my home country. :D

Only thing I need to deal with, is the inflated price due to shipping and tax duty... But honestly I couldn't really care about that. Normally one 5POA in Denmark costs the same as you guys pay for TWO 5POA figures. Keep in mind that's non discounted :roll:
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By reverendstrone
Great to see TVC coming back, but I hope too much isn't riding on the success of Wave 1 as it is a bit of a snooze-fest.

The stormtrooper being double-packed is a good thing, at least, as army builders may want another shot at him. That would be the only figure that would vaguely interest me from this bunch, but I won't be actively seeking him.

None of the other figures in this first wave really do anything to excite me or are things I already own, so I welcome the opportunity to instead squirrel away the cash into my sail barge fund.
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By darthvlad
darthvlad wrote:So far I'm not impressed with the first three waves. Only want Snoke.

Oops. I make it sound like Snoke is the only figure I want from the first three waves. I'll want the tank driver as well and probably others that aren't reissues.

If the Stormtrooper helmet is new, then why didn't Hasbro retool Rey's wrists so they aren't gloved or make Kylo have a soft goods cowl so the helmet is free? These were glaring issues the first time and with the vintage collection coming back, invest a little to get more buyers and make them definitive versions. I would definitely buy them again if that was the case.
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By The Professor
StooperZero wrote:who's the girl in the brown vest?? I've never seen her before...


Can’t tell if the that’s sarcasm. It’s Jyn Erso from Rogue One. There’s also a Dr. Aphra (from the comics) coming later.
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By reverendstrone
darthvlad wrote:I'll want the tank driver as well and probably others that aren't reissues.

I hope the Tank Driver is generously packed and repacked in the coming assortments. As one of the only new figures in the first waves, a potential army builder, and a figure that is tied directly to a vehicle coming out at the same-ish time, he's going to be a sought after toy.
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By YAK_Chewie
I got Snoke in the mail last week. Like $18 shipped via ebay -- that ain't bad at all1

Overall a fun figure. I wish his cloak was a bit darker, and maybe his face a bit more evil... perhaps with his teeth showing a bit. Still a great figure, but once I get a second one I'll probably do a repaint to try and make the details in the sculpt pop a bit more.

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By AaylaSecurasMan
I am planning to get Snoke and maybe the Hoth soldier from this wave, I am an opener so don't care about the cards.
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By ImperialOfficer
I will be getting snoke, a few hoth rebels, and maybe a stormtrooper, but I'll probably get the rest for $4 at Walmart
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By Lance Quazar
While there's nothing in Wave 1 that I have any interest in, I saw a couple of FO Stormies on the pegs the other day while shopping for Solo stuff. Man, seeing that classic artwork again in stores was a treat. I never realized how much I missed it (and how much better it is than EVERY OTHER SW PACKAGING EVER.)

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