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By Jodo
Yuck. I didn't realize they used the old sculpt and not the B-A-D sculpt.

It was absolutely stupid when they used that terrible sculpt for the EE pack of droids as well.
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By reverendstrone
Gotta say, Aphra looks like a fantastic sculpt. It's great to see she has turned out so well. I hope comic fans of her character are happy to see her get such a phenomenal treatment, comics characters being so rare in today's line.

The astromech is definitely better looking without the BFGs, but the design aesthetic of the dome just isn't Star Wars to me. Everything else about the astro droid design is late 70s industrial, but the dome is far too modern looking and evokes other franchises for me rather than SW. Much like I can't get behind the R7 dome, I just can't accept this one as part of the SW universe.

It is a shame they used that particular 3PO mold, with its deep-sunken eyes and overall small stature. Makes it an even easier pass for me.
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By RookieOne
The Doctor Aphra series might just be my favorite Star Wars comic currently going, so I had planned to definitely pick up this set once it hit Ebay. But the more I looked at that TVC sculpt they used on 0-0-0, the less I felt like actually paying money for that figure. Triple Zero should not be shorter than Aphra.

Instead, I found Beetee loose from a seller for $35, and then picked up a Disney b.a.d. black protocol droid for $15. They both showed up in the mail yesterday. Two dabs of red paint on the protocol droid's eyes, and I had a much better looking set of murder droids. (Since red paint is somewhat transparent, I didn't even have to repaint the dots in the center of the eyes, and any slop around the edges is hidden against the black.) I'll wait and get Aphra when the regular version hits retail. Then I'll have the complete set of characters for roughly the same price I would have paid for the official set from Ebay, but without the buyer's remorse I would have experienced every time I looked at the official Triple Zero. If anybody is thinking about getting this set to display loose, you might want to consider this option instead. The eye paint is so simple you don't even need any customizing skills to make it look good.

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