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By Jodo
Not too much discussion on the new release announcements anywhere...But can't say I am too excited either.

The Tank Trooper Commander looks cool, but I literally just made my own. LOL.

Crait Luke looks good as a figure, but the only reason I would want it would be to do a photo story on Luke after ROTJ. Plus, I think the jacket would look good for a Two Tubes custom.

The only figure I really want is the Giran Jabba Guard, which I'll get a few of. The 41st EE Clone Trooper is a bit tempting too, since that is my favorite paint scheme, but can't say I want it bad enough to order a few and pay shipping...
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By darthapathy
I may be in the minority here but I was less than impressed with what they had to show for TVC 2019 so far. I plan on getting Saelt Marae, Klatuu and if I can find enough, army build the Imperial Gunner. Besides those, nothing else interests me. I hope they have more to show for third and fourth quarter.
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By darthvlad
I might have missed a lot of stuff, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of new. It seems it’s half old and half new like it’s been so far. But if it’s new I’ll buy it.
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By Jodo
Repackaging the Gam Gaurd is an excellent idea, but thanks to Chewie I was able to get my four. I would maybe consider another two, but I'm not going to stress over it.

I don't have Revan, so I'd get that one. I forgot all about the RO Death Star Gunner! That's on my buy list as well.
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By darth_sidious
I'm happy about Crait Luke - great looking figure - this might be one of the most sought after ST figures ever - hopefully Hasbro packs him three to a case! I'm hoping they do a Crait Leia as well, to recreate that amazing scene between them.

Overall though, I'm disappointed that there aren't other reveals yet for NEW characters that haven't been released in either 3.75 line. So far, I'm only interested in four TVC figures next year. I wish they'd fill some gaps for figures that exist in the 6 inch line, but have yet to make it into the basic or TVC lines.

Here is the list I have:

Crimson Stormtrooper
Admiral Ackbar (TLJ)
FO Officer (TLJ)
Inferno Squad Agent
Captain Phasma (battle damage)
General Leia Organa (TFA)
Jaina Solo
Vice Admiral Holdo
Jump Trooper

I believe there are other slight variants that exist as well, especially among droids and troopers. Out of this list, I feel General Leia Organa (TFA) is the most critical missing figure - her primary outfit with the vest was seen in TFA, comics, Resistance, and might be in Episode IX as well.
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By YAK_Chewie
Everything they have slated for mass retail looks great. The repacks are fine too for online or specialty shops... but the Hoth Han is an odd choice... It's just not a good figure.

Repacking the Gamorrean is great of them. That there tells me they do care some. He should be in regular assortments, but I think this goes to show they are very gunshy about repacking old stuff for retail.

Now... I believe it's very safe to say there's a lot more goodness coming though.... Hasbro wants to take advantage of the Sail Barge opportunity to sell more 3.75" figures.... expect an announcement for some multi-figure packs soon.

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By darthapathy
Ok, so here is what I found out about waves and number of figures. This of course could be old news for some but I thought I'd put on here anyway.

Wave 1 (Jan)
VC 132 Saelt Marae (Yak Face)
VC 133 Scariff Stormtrooper (repack)
VC 134 Princess Leia (repack)
VC135 Klatuu (Skiff Guard)

Wave 2 (Apr)
VC 138 Elite Praetorian Guard (repack)
VC 139 Lando Calrissian (Solo)
VC 140 Imperial Stormtrooper (new)
VC 141 TBA (possibly Chewbacca)
VC 142 Captain Phasma (repack)

Wave 3 (Jul)
VC 146 Luke Skywalker (Crait)
VC 147 Death Star Gunner
VC 148 Assault Tank Commander
VC 149 TBA
VC 150 Darth Revan (repack)

VC 136 TBA
VC 137 TBA
VC 143 Han Solo; Stormtrooper Disguise (Target)
VC 144 TBA
VC 145 41st Elite Core Clonetrooper (online)
VC 021 Gamorrean Guard

Reissues Leia (Hoth Outfit), Han Solo (Echo Base), Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker (Endor Capture), Boba Fett (ESB version). These could be some of the TBA figure slots.
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By reverendstrone
That's a helpful list. Thanks for posting it here in the thread. I like some of these, but I am struck by the lack of alien fun outside of the Sail Barge dudes. As a longtime collector who is not a completist, but passionately and comprehensively collects along certain themes or lines, 2019 looks like this ...

Wave 1 (Jan)
VC 132 Saelt Marae (Yak Face) Very happy to have this overdue update. The figure looks amazing.
VC 133 Scariff Stormtrooper (repack) A very worthy repack. Supply was short the first time around. I hope to pick up a bunch. Now if only they would also repaint and re-accessorize him to represent other ranks as the AT-ACT Drivers, like they did for the 6" line when Rogue One came out.
VC 134 Princess Leia (repack) Pass. Don't need.
VC135 Klatuu (Skiff Guard) Looks great. In for at least one.

Wave 2 (Apr)
VC 138 Elite Praetorian Guard (repack) A worthy repack, considering the demand for these guys, but not one i plan on picking up . I don't care for the design.
VC 139 Lando Calrissian (Solo) Didn't need this one as an SA figure, but I will pick one up.
VC 140 Imperial Stormtrooper (new) Excellent. Hoping this figure is in ample supply. I may need many.
VC 141 TBA (possibly Chewbacca) If it's a Solo bandoleer Chewie, I'm in, but otherwise I'll pass. I have so many Chewies already.
VC 142 Captain Phasma (repack) Good repack, but not one I need.

Wave 3 (Jul)
VC 146 Luke Skywalker (Crait) Not one I need, but it's a new figure and one that i hope lots of collectors will be wanting. :)
VC 147 Death Star Gunner I like this new Rogue One version and plan on picking up at least two. May get more for customizing purposes.
VC 148 Assault Tank Commander Was just about to custom paint my own version, but I will hold off and pick this guy up instead. I don't mind these trooper repaints and would like Hasbro to do more of this sort of thing if it helps them balance their bottom lines.
VC 149 TBA
VC 150 Darth Revan (repack) Should be a popular figure. Not one I need.

VC 136 TBA
VC 137 TBA
VC 143 Han Solo; Stormtrooper Disguise (Target)
Probably pass. Not one I need, but it's a good choice.
VC 144 TBA
VC 145 41st Elite Core Clonetrooper (online) Curious choice. Pass.
VC 021 Gamorrean Guard Good idea to rerelease, considering the demand, but I got as many as I will ever need last time around.

Reissues Leia (Hoth Outfit), Han Solo (Echo Base), Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker (Endor Capture), Boba Fett (ESB version). These could be some of the TBA figure slots.

Those are probably all good ideas for rereleases, though none appeal to me, personally.

I need more new, never before produced aliens and droids. Bring on realistic Clone Wars, Rebels and Resistance characters. Bring on the Partisans from Rogue One, or some of Enfys Nest's gang. More cantina and Jabba's palace aliens would be great, but, leaning on more current media, I'd also love more fun creatures from Maz's castle, or Jedha, Kessel, or Vandor. There's so much fun stuff there to draw from.
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By darth_sidious
According to some that went to NYCC, they said Hasbro refers to the 6 inch line as their "bread & butter", and its their "main line" now. It really feels like TVC is getting a fraction of the effort and attention, which is disappointing. When TVC was first announced, we knew 2018 wasn't going to be huge, but we put all our hope into the 2019 lineup, so hasn't it the mark. With such a big gap between Solo and Episode IX, its the perfect time to expand TVC and give the fans what they've been asking for...
By DeltaSquadSev11
For anyone in the UK (and anywhere else in Europe might be of interest) Star Action Figures and In Demand Toys have put up pre-orders for The Vintage Collection 2019 wave 1. Can be pre-ordered as a set or individually:…/pre-order-star-wars-vinta…/…/pre-order-star-wars-vinta…/…/pre-order-star-wars-vinta…/…/pre-order-star-wars-vinta…/…/pre-order-star-wars-vinta…/
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By Jodo
Weird, Han is wearing a training bra!

The RO undersuit and helmet were different than the ANH version, so I wondered if the Han figure would reflect those differences or not.
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