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By Jodo
Well, although I don’t really need any of these, I would definitely pick a set up if I have the chance! The new pilot sculpt looks pretty darn good!

Instead of the Stormtrooper I’m surprised we didn’t see Tant. Luke, or another version of Dagobah Luke.
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By AaylaSecurasMan
Even though I already own the latest version of each one of these, I will be getting them, I can considered them "new' enough :)
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By frosty
Great pictures, the likeness on the trooper luke is very good as is the x wing, very nicely done
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By Lance Quazar
YAK_Chewie wrote:Great pics, Lance... I also really like the flooring you used for Jabba's palace...


Thanks! It's great having all these dios to use for photographs. The Jabba playset looks great and I never even opened up by GTP sets until I had both Stormie Han AND Luke....

The "floor" is just a large floor tile. Not sure if I love it, I may keep looking for something else, maybe a lighter color.
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By darthapathy
Totally agree with Chewie. These are fantastic pics. Thanks for taking them.
I'm going to try to get these when they show up on Pulse. Once I do, the other versions will go into the fodder box.

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