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By Jodo
I don’t know if I want to buy anymore ST figures. It’s not that I dislike the design, it’s that the character is going to be stupid or useless in the film, like way too many others I have purchased now. Even army builders run this risk, like the Execution Stormtroopers...
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By Lance Quazar
Jodo wrote:I don’t know if I want to buy anymore ST figures. It’s not that I dislike the design, it’s that the character is going to be stupid or useless in the film, like way too many others I have purchased now. Even army builders run this risk, like the Execution Stormtroopers...

You're certainly not wrong, but that's hardly a problem specific to the ST!
By ctonra
I was just reading about the Sith Troopers, who are suppose to be this army that the Emperor had hidden away for the last 20 years in the unknown region. Now I know it is only speculation at the moment because nothing is official until we see the movie. But if they've been hidden for 20 years why do they resemble the current First order troopers and not Empire era Stormtroopers? or even something totally different.
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By darth_sidious
I like the red armor, it harkens back to the original Royal Guard which I've always liked. It also reminds me of some clones from the end of the war, such as the Phase II Commander Fox, who sported red armor. When Hasbro did that figure in the CW animated line, I really enjoyed it. Even Major Vonreg from the Resistance cartoon has a cool figure - not a fan of the cartoon itself, but I dig the armor. My real concern for TVC for the ROS release is character selection - of course we'll have troopers and main heroes, but I'm hoping there is more diversity. Right now, we only have one rumored TVC wave for FF, right? I'm not sure how 5 figures in the 3.75 scale is anywhere close to sufficient for this event.
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By Jodo
The closer we get to Force Friday, the more I think about what I will anticipate buying (probably online, given how bad my TLJ and Solo experiences were). My best memories are still the PT releases and when the Legacy line launched. My grandpa went with me every single time, and it was just super exciting for me, and some of my favorite times with him. Even though he has no interest in things like that, he always wanted to go.
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By darthvlad
Force Friday... not sure what I'm doing. Usually Chewie and I get together and hit TRU, but with them being out of the business (literally, though maybe resurrecting in a few locations), I'm not sure there will be much of anything between the local Targets and Walmarts except a fiasco. What I mean is, with one less place to hit for collectors, there will likely be less stock on the pegs.

Maybe we just need to use it as an excuse for a guys' night out.

On second thought, I guess I'll be skipping it since I'll be at Disney World that week. Unless they have stuff at Disney Springs?
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By YAK_Chewie
No Force Friday meetup??? :cry:

I think my plan will be to hit a couple Walmarts at midnight, and Targets in the morning. No TRU option sucks.

I did see some of the new figures. Blurry small thumbnails that I can't share. But all looks great.

Knight of Ren - Looks like a total kickass blend of soft goods. He has some dusty weathering near thr bottom of his outfit.
This figure will be in very high demand.

Zori Bliss - Looks good, should be a popular figure. Definitely ball joint hips though.. they might detract from the aesthetic. I don't think she has a removable helmet.

Sith Jet Trooper - Pretty good, but really small pic. I'm guessing will be popular too.

Rey - Pic is so small she looks kinda like TFA version, but it still looks nice. Has the blue Skywalker lightsaber.

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By darth_sidious
I found nothing exciting about FF this year. It wasn't even worth checking retail. I ordered the four new TVC figures on Amazon and that was the end of it. They ship in 1-3 weeks apparently - great to see they're prepared, lol. I checked two stores today, a dump of a WM that had NO display - and zero products that I could find, and a Target that had a single case of TVC figures. In case Hasbro is wondering, the lack of product at retail might result in a lack of consumer interest. The loyal 3.75 collectors never failed you - you failed us, and this year demonstrates your disdain.
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By YAK_Chewie
I went out last night to a Walmart that is usually pretty good about stocking on Force Friday. Not this year. I gave up and left there at 12:30am and went home.

Today, I went back there and did find a Luke on the pegs. Sigh.

So in total, today I hit 3 Walmarts, 3 Targets, 1 Best Buy and 1 Kohls.

I did get most of what I wanted, but as usual, pickings were slim. There was a lot more retail presence for Frozen 2 than Star Wars. Here's what I bought:


Amazon also has Poe's X-wing up, with a $10 off coupon and delivery tomorrow! I went ahead and placed an order.

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By Jodo
Went to a few Walmart’s, a Target, and a Best Buy today. There was definitely slim pickins, but much better than the TLJ and Solo releases, overall.

The only TVC figures that I picked up were Zorri and the Knight of Ren. Tonight, I may go out and get a few more. And as Chewie just mentioned above, I also picked up Poe’s X-Wing from Amazon. I thought I might hold off, but made a snap decision since there is a coupon and it says it will arrive tomorrow. Still on the fence about Luke’s X-Wing...

I had planned to Grab a Poe figure at retail, but they all have terrible paint apps on the face. Every single one I saw today was worse than the original TBS release.

A little off-topic, but I also got a 6 inch Mandalorian and the Carbonized version as well, since Target had $10 off of $40.

P.S. - Main thing I’m excited about is getting the Jurassic Park brachiosaurus today!!!

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