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By YAK_Chewie
Incom that looks great man! Really top of the line sculpting... Damn!

Kolti-Wan, the fabric really, really looks great on this. Especially now that you watercolored it.

Tonphanan, for arms you could try perhaps Mara Jade arms?

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By Incom
Hey, thanks for the praise guys! :D

Tonphanan wrote:Aside from Marris Brood what arms everyone using? The arms are driving me nuts tring to find the most useful-ball joint shoulders mainly.

Well, I use the entire RotS Luminara upper body, since she has this skin tight outfit. Maybe Mara Jade's arms work just as well? Or some of the latest Padmé figures' arms? Although Padmé is relatively small compared to other female figures.
By Kolti-Wan
Yea, I'm using Luminara as the entire base. I don't have any "fodder" so I don't have anything nifty like bare feet. all my custom's are my destroying the one version I have, and buying a replacement on ebay haha.
By Pheonix023
Hi I'm new here, just signed up about 5 minutes ago...*smiles nervously*

Righto, so I've never really customized a figure before in my life (aside from paintjobs anyway), but I saw this thread and decided I might give it a shot because I'm somewhat crafty. Plus I think I fell in love with Shak-Ti when I saw the premier for the game at SDCC 2008.

Anyways, I was thinking of picking up a Maris Brood figure (they have them at my local Wally world) and using that as my base for this figure, and making the clothes out of some very ultra thin leather I have. Couple questions: 1) what should I use for sanding off bits on the figure? will plain old sandpaper work? 2) anyone know a good, inexpensive paint that will work for this? I'm 16, so I don't really make a lot working at Subway...

Ok, and on to my main problem...does anyone happen to have a spare Shak Ti head I can use? They don't sell them here at wall mart...(heads up, I'll probably be repainting the whole face (yay strait pins... :P), so the paintjob on it doesn't matter)

Thanks guys!

EDIT: Oh, heres a pic that I took of the TFU banner with her on it...its bigger than the "official pics" so you might be able to see some of the details on her outfit better. Sorry it looks just a little bleached was the best I could manage with the lighting.

By scribble
Hey guys,

Just wanted to post my WIP in hopes of getting a few pointers. There's some great looking stuff here so far. All the soft good style ones are pretty cool and lots of inspiration.
So far I’ve started out with the Ay Veda as the figure base (Someone recommended this early on) and trimmed down the crotch area so it has less of a wide stance. I also removed most of the detail by filling in with super glue and sanding/trimming. The crotch did require a little putty to fill it in. The head and neck post are from the ROTS Shaak Ti. The arms are from a Chun Li gashapon figure.


The clothing and leather is a mixture of teflon plumbers tape and electrical tape. The belt is a trimmed down piece of chain from one of those Chap mei dollar store figures. And the soft goods is from the same ROTS Shaak Ti.


Would like to improve on her necklace, any ideas?
By Pheonix023
first off, fantstic work! It looks awesome!

As for the necklace...shot of some sculpting work, I don't think there is much you can do. Most every bead that you can buy is too big, my only suggestion that I can think of would e braiding some theads and then putting glue dots on it.
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By Incom
I agree, another fantastic looking Shaak Ti. Very clever choice of materials and well used. I too can't think of anything other than to sculpt the necklace. Dots of glue might work, but you'd have to apply them very carefully with a toothpick or something like that.

Minor little gripe: the paint on her Lekku seems a bit thick and grainy :)
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By YAK_Chewie
I have to say that this project is truly bringing out the best in the customizing community. I'll comment in more detail again soon, but scribble... damn! That's amazing!

For my Shaak Ti, I started working with shoe lace as well as hemp string. It's pretty difficult as I'm discovering, and won't end up looking completely game accurate. But for my needs I think it will work out fine... I'll be able to post another WIP image this week.

By MasterBEN
WOW! That looks amazing! I actually think the lekku look fine, if you look at pictures of Shaak Ti, the ROTS figure is inaccurate. The blue stripes should be wide and irregular, like you have them. I was skeptical of the Aay Vida body, because of the lack of articulation, but you have definitely solved that problem. I agree about the necklace, tiny dots of glue would work well.

IO really can't believe how amazing that looks! She looks very... hot. If I can make one suggestion though, it would be to dirty up the leather wrappings and belt. A dark wash would really make it realistic, especially on the plasticy chain. And I'm curious, how did you reposition the head tails?

Once again this looks great! Now I'm tempted to go and make the actual game version of her costume also.
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By Arc_Trooper77
scribble, this is AMAZING. :o :shock: :shock: ..I actually had to look at the finished work twice, just to be sure that wasn't an edited picture for a second! :oops: :lol: That is a fantastic Shaak Ti. That seriouslly blew me away.. you have nearly every little detail perfect.. did you use the game as a reference, or screenshots? What ever you did.. you did it well.. very, very well.. :twisted:
By scribble

Thanks for the input. I agree a wash would look good on the leather and the chain to give it that worn look. Also thanks for the ideas on the necklace, I'll give some of these a try.
I based her solely on the art work that was posted in one of the initial posts, finally got to that level in the game last night. I was a little confused on how her lekku were actually positioned from the art work, but after playing that level I understand that they are just kind of tied up like a ponytail behind her, If I come across more fodder I might give it a try (or just wait for hasbros?)

I'm anxious to see everyone else's take, especially the concept versions.
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