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By Darth Kikinou
Delaton wrote:this is bordering on Fanfic without more references. Are there more images out there?

I guess the only `requirement' for him would be that he has to be a Muun, and of course a Sith Lord, and not the vicious crazy kind either, but a wise man, more like a Sidious.
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By YAK_Chewie
That's three of us that are in... I don't see any reason why we wouldn't get a few more people to participate... I know there was talk about a ROTJ theme, but I really think this is cool and would like to make this sucker official...?

Anyone want to contend that we go with a ROTJ theme instead?

Regardless, hopefully we'll have another fun one like the Shaak Ti project. :)

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By JediLjf
I wont be participating like I did last time, this one doesn't really interest me, it seems to "uncreative" in comparison to the Shaak Ti as this is an easy kitbash one.
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By YAK_Chewie
Well, here's a list of the past ones we've done. They have't always been as resource specific as the Shaak Ti one.

Group Project 1: Biggs Darklighter in Imperial Academy Uniform
Group Project 2: Adult Clonetrooper in Kamino Training Gear / Queen Amidala's Handmaidens
Group Project 3: ANH Infinities Leia Organa / Kenny Baker as R2-D2
Group Project 4: KOTOR Mission Vao and Carth
Group Project 5: Crossovers (Muppets, Lunney Tunes, Peanuts, Simpsons, etc.)
Group Project 6: Santa Wookiees
Group Project 7: Mon Calamari Dancer and Fem-bot
Group Project 8: Snoova and Jedi Defender self customs
Group Project 9: Tonnika Sisters
Group Project 10: Clone Wars TV Series (minus the clones)
Group Project 11: Rykrof Enloe
Group Project 12: Ysanne Isard and Admiral Daala
Group Project 13: Jango Fett
Group Project 14: City of Judde Lulos for C4
Group Project 15: TFU Shaak Ti

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By Jedi_Co-Loc
I'd love to TRY at Darth Plageuis
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By TB9153
really cool idea guys.
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By TB9153
he looks way to happy :lol: a little zombie-ish
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By JediJman
TB9153 wrote:he looks way to happy :lol: a little zombie-ish

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