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Over the years, customizers in the Star Wars community have come together for a total of 15 Group Projects and even put together one gigantic Ultimate Group Project that was on display at Celebration IV.

These projects are always done in the spirit of bringing the customizing community together. Through these customizers share techniques, promote friendships and help improve our customizing skills.

After Yakface forum members voted on a theme for a Summer Project, the winning result was GLADIATORS from the Clone Wars - fans of the original Clone Wars cartoon series from 2003 will most likely remember the grand introduction of Asajj Ventress, who impressed Count Dooku by slaughtering the menacing creatures fighting for show. This category is open to ANY of the monsters/beasts/etc. fighting in the Cauldron:

You can learn more about these beasts and get some ideas by looking at the Wookieepedia page -

Here's a few of these guys for reference:


Entries will be accepted from now until September... and to make it a little more fun, at the end we will pick one random winner that will win a pretty cool prize. To be eligible though, your entries must be new customs and be posted here in the Yakface forums. For each figure you enter here, your name is thrown into the hat, for a maximum of three times (though you can make more customs than that if you want of course!).

Ok, now let's roll up those sleeves and get to work, and as always feel free to show off some WIP images too. :)

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By DanOfTheDead
I think I'm gonna try to tackle Grunda. Anchor Blue looks very doable as well, with the big guy from the 3 3/4" Hellboy line a while back.

This should be fun. Is there a deadline posed, or am I not reading the thread close enough? :)
By Robo-Quack
I'm gonna start with Jasper McKnives. I already have some parts figured out, now all I need is a Nikto head...
Do we send the figures in to you when were done ?

Then do you put them all into a dio action scene ?

Maybe when its all done we each get different figures
back from someone else that sent in .
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By TradeFederationSympathy
LT BRYLL wrote:Do we send the figures in to you when were done ?

Then do you put them all into a dio action scene ?


I like that idea, that would be cool to see :wink:
I'm working on L8-L9. Yes, I know he's a BAD in an upcoming wave, but I picked him before I knew that :P

I all goes well, I also want to try my hand on that Aqualish female, called Grunda Dolma, and Jack McKnives.
YAK_Chewie wrote:I remember not too long ago in the HULK figures there was some monster that could work for one of these guys... might have to pick up this guy...


Yeah, over at RS someone made a Giant Flogg, or something like that. A really good one, too.
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