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By mrhoppers819
YAK_Chewie wrote:Image

^ Made both of those for this. I'll send them to either you or David for a custom auction if you'd like.


That'd be awesome!!! great work Chewie!! Yah we'd love to have em for the auction!! Send them to David tho, he'll be running the auction. Thanks again for the support!!
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By Incom
Very cool, Chewie, I'll be donating a custom as well.

On a side note: what legs are those on the left figure? I'm a sucker for bell bottoms! 8)
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By mrhoppers819
Well, today is the day, folks! What you've all been waiting for, Prize announcements for the Customs for a Cause contest!! Here they are!

Grand Prize selected by judges:
-Personalized Lily Nyamwasa Autographed Stass Allie 8x10 photo
-$50 Andrew's Toyz gift card

2 randomly selected winners receive $25 Man of Action Figures gift cards.

Well, you've got a couple more days, so lets get those entries in!!!

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