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By Minstrel
Hi, I'm new to posting on this site. I've visited many a time and finally joined. On Imperial Ship Yards, I'm known as Jedi Minstrel but only Minstrel here. Well, here are some pics with a back story.

The Nisan family is an old Jedi family. They were one of the last families of the Jedi Order before reforms disallowed Jedi families and extreme detachment became part of Jedi doctrine. Sep Nisan was not a Jedi Guardian too long when Endy Kepo achieved Knighthood. They were assigned to work together on several missions. Eventually, the two fell in love, married and had a baby. Their daughter, Marianna, was strong in the Force. Sep and Endy both became Sentinels about the time Marianna was able to travel with them as their Padawan.

A bit of a rogue, Sep Nisan was still considered a candidate for the Nisan Clan Council. The Nisan Clan included both Force-sensitive and non-Force-sensitive members. There was harmony in the clan regardless of the issues of the galaxy after the Treaty of Coruscant. Sep often questioned actions of the Council as it, at times, conflicted with tenets of the Jedi Order. He could only do what was expected of him on his missions for the Order.

Order was always a part of Endy’s life. Organization was second nature to her as she would conduct her life and role as a Jedi with precision and attention to detail. Few had reason to question her. Her reputation would precede her and many situations were easily resolved when many heard Endy Nisan was on her way.

Mac, as was Marianna’s nickname, grew to become a powerful Jedi. She was given many missions that earned her the respect of her parents, the Jedi Council, and even the Sith. On her early travels, she befriended a Twi’lek smuggler by the name of Osta’zes. Mac wondered if Osta was Force-sensitive as well. Osta always was in the right place to help pull Mac out of many situations.

Decades after the attack on the Jedi Temple, the Sith still clashed with Jedi on various planets along the Republic/Imperial borders. Many of these were led by Sith warlords. Among them, Darth Shrotan was one of the most ruthless. Darth Shrotan became a nemesis of the Nisan family. He was responsible for attacks on the home planet of the Nisan clan, killing some notable Jedi. Mac took to ridding the galaxy of Darth Shrotan but was warned by her parents to tread carefully because they felt her quest would take her to the Dark Side.
Sep Nisan.JPG
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Endy Nisan.JPG
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By Minstrel
I've actually made not a trio of Republic Era characters but a trio of trios.
Nisan Family.JPG
Nisan Family.JPG (121.96 KiB) Viewed 5139 times
Marianna %22Mac%22 Nisan.JPG
Marianna %22Mac%22 Nisan.JPG (134.31 KiB) Viewed 5139 times
By Minstrel
DanOfTheDead wrote:Those came out wonderfully! I need to take some time and read your write-up on the characters, but the figures look great.

What's that base they're displayed on?

Thanks man! I used one of those skateboarding site/ramp things. It was on clearance a year ago or so. They're just under 1:18 scale but it works.
By Minstrel
YAK_Chewie wrote:Wow, those are really, really nice - and look so professional!

I think Darth Shrotan and Mac are my favorites of the bunch - any way you can share the parts/recipes for those figures?


Thanks! Here are their recipes:
Sep Nisan, Jedi Guardian
Head – GI Joe Repeater 2009
Body – GI Joe Speed Metal*
Shades – Cobra Red Fang Ninja
Random Jedi robe and Lightsaber
* Speed Metal did come with the same head but Repeater has a darker skin tone that I prefer.

Endy Nisan, Jedi Guardian
Head and Body - GI Joe Desert Ambush Scarlet
Thigh Guard – Cobra Slice
Random Jedi robe and Lightsaber

Baby Mac
Repainted Baby Luke

Sep Nisan, Jedi Sentinel
Head – GI Joe Repeater 2009
Upper Body – Cobra Street Viper
Legs – Cobra Viper (ver. 22)
Gun Belt – Cobra Street Viper
Shades – Cobra Red Fang Ninja
Lightsaber – Darth Maul

Endy Nisan, Jedi Sentinel
Head and Body – GI Joe Covert Operations Scarlet
Belt – GI Joe Heavy Duty (ver. 12)
Random Lightsabers

Mac, Jedi Padawan
Head – Legacy Collection Padme Amidala
Body – leia in Boushh costume
Custom Pants
Lightsaber – Mace Windu

Mac, Jedi Sentinel
Head – Pirates of The Caribbean Angelica
Body – GI Joe Covert Operations Scarlet
Knife – GI Joe something? forgot
Skirt – Cobra Storm Shadow
Random Jedi Robe
Lightsaber – Mace Windu

Head – Aayla Secura
Body – GI Joe Agent Helix
Coat – GI Joe Paris Pursuit Snake Eyes
Blaster – ??? Variant from General Gievous
Briefcase – Cobra M.A.R.S something?

Darth Shrotan
Head – Darth Vader
Upper Body – Cobra Street Viper
Legs – GI Joe Ninja Commando Snake Eyes
Chest Armor – Cobra Street Viper
Robe – Darth Maul
Lightsaber – Darth Maul
By Minstrel
I've decided to go with Mac, Osta'zes, and Shrotan to be my official entry for the contest.
Mac of The Old Republic.JPG
Mac of The Old Republic.JPG (143.58 KiB) Viewed 4602 times
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By Revanfan1
Well, a few nights ago I was stricken by inspiration, and now I have to get some different figures than I'd planned on. But I think it'll be better. 8)
By Mungo Baobab
This is my entry...

First up is Darth Stygius the Dark Lord of Gloom. Very little is know about Stygius' background and even fewer know what he looks like under his mask. Some believe he is hiding a hideous disfigurement, while other circulated rumors convey a very different story. It was thought that people believed his appearance to pleasant to be a Sith and he was un-intimidating. Either way, Stygius is a powerful Sith Lord who celebrates the fall of his enemies and intends to do whatever it takes to bring an end to the Jedi Order.


Second is Gen'Ral or "Gen" for short. Gen was a simple freighter captain / smuggler until the Sith returned. While away delivering a shipment his wife and daughters were killed in Sith fleet bombardment of the moon where they lived. With a past that included military training and weapons smuggling Gen is out to find whatever revenge he can on anyone loyal to the Sith and any part of it's empire. Gen is an expert with almost any weapon but his favorite is the knife he keeps in his belt. Many stories circulating the core say he has killed more people with his knife than with a blaster.


Rossh Darna is the last living heir to the Darna family from Alderan. After the Sith attacked Rossh spent days recovering from his injuries in an underground safe house. He waited for as long as he could after the attack began, but was the only one who made it to the shelter. Months after the attack he sank a huge portion of his families wealth into the fastest and most heavily armed ship he could find and roamed the core trying to find a way to strike back at the Sith for the loss of his family. Then Rossh met Gen. After trading stories they decided that two blasters are better than one. Sith beware!


The three pictured together...

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