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Which "Discover The Force" Figure Are You Looking Forward To Most?

Aurra Sing
Ric Olie
No votes
Destroyer Droid
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Gungan Warrior
Naboo Pilot
Tusken Raider
Darth Maul
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By Paulskywalker
I love this wave! Especially Ric Olie, he was one of the first two figures i got when TPM came out, so glad for an update and by association the generic pilot is cool too

Mawhonic and Aurra look amazing, is there anything different about the Gungan from the TLC one? G8 is nice too.
By Grimace
good point there, RG

I would have liked to have seen a female pilot

with all these Naboo Pilots, I wonder if the Naboo Starfighter will make a return as well?
By Grimace
Darth Kikinou wrote:I don't understand this fascination and adoration for Aurra Sing.

no kidding, DK
she was on the screen for a grand total of 3 seconds, and all she did was turn her head from the left to the right
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By Darth Kikinou
I'm thinking that second pilot might be a filler for the space that was probably originally slated to be Panaka? Maybe they couldn't get him done in time or something so they had to plug the hole with another pilot.
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By mrhoppers819
This whole wave looks fantastic! I'll probably pick up the whole wave! Love the generic pilot. Not a huge Aurra fan, but she is a much needed improvement on the last version of her. She does get a lot more "screen" time in the comics tho.
By stroebel83
i really like this wave, but last store exclusive wave was a nightmare, hopefully wm overstocks (but that is never usually good for the line
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By darthmadonna
YAK_Chewie wrote:Will comment more on the figures soon, but look behind Mawhonic... that looks like a new Podracer that Anakin is working on.


Now that you mention it. I noticed that it was Tattooine Anakin and well they are not releasing him right? SO why the heck is he in the pictures. Also same for the Naboo fighter with Olie and the TRU podracers giftpack? They show a dewback a pod racer and 2 sets of pit droids. So what the heck really does come in that gift set? I really doubt it is going to have a dewback and a pod racer.
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